Invest in yourself and your leadership!

Your emotional fitness skills have a direct and measurable impact on the performance, resilience, and well-being of the people you lead. We have the science-backed blueprint to help you and your team practice them.

Leadership Development Programs

with Nataly Kogan

We offer 2 types of virtual leadership development programs throughout the year, focused on helping leaders strengthen their emotional fitness and leadership skills so they can bring their best to their work and positively impact other's capacity to thrive (our definition of what it means to be a leader!)

Elevating Women Leaders

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A year-long program for women executives and founders, dedicated to cultivating emotional fitness and elevated leadership skills to lead, grow, and thrive in a sustainable way.

2021 projected start: September 

Leading Through Adversity

LTA logo smallA 3-month intensive program specifically dedicated to cultivating emotional fitness and leadership skills to help leaders optimize their mental and emotional energy, and fuel their ability to successfully lead through challenges and uncertainty. Our last program concluded in June, sign up for our newsletter for updates on our next group.

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Why your emotional fitness is an essential leadership skill