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The CEO and Founder of Happier—an award-winning global technology and learning platform—Nataly is a leading expert on how people and organizations can transform their individual and team culture so that they can thrive.  Having helped more than a million people and employees dramatically improve their emotional health and resilience by cultivating her Five Core Happier Skills, Nataly demonstrates that happiness is not just a feeling, but a skill that can be learned and improved through practice, and that in turn boosts creativity, productivity and profits.

Nataly has received standing ovations from groups such as Fortune's Tech Brainstorm, SXSW, Harvard Women's Leadership Conference, Gillette, Digitas, Million Dollar Roundtable,TEDx Boston, and many more, thanks to her inspiring story and instantly implementable takeaways that transform the way people work and live.

Her work has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, New York Magazine, and Time Magazine. and her new book Happier Now: How to Stop Chasing Perfection and Embrace Everyday Moments (Even the Difficult Ones) will be published on May 1, 2018.

Bring Nataly to your organization
Nataly on ted stage speaking

Nataly's most popular talks

Group Laughter

Happier Now

How to Stop Chasing Perfection and Embrace Everyday Moments (Even the Difficult Ones)

In this illuminating and compelling talk, Nataly shares the game-changing strategies and insights from her soon-to-be-released book and research. She explores how the science behind happiness can be used to improve all aspects of our lives and shares the Fiv Core Practices to help audience members build and improve their happier skills.

Putting Hands Together

Happier Work

Unlocking the Strategies
for a Workplace that Thrives

In this practical and inspiring talk, Nataly shares techniques to help employees improve their emotional health, increase resilience, and reconnect to their sense of purpose at work. Research has shown that improving employee happiness and cultivating a culture of gratitude, kindness, and trust, has a dramatic impact on the performance of the organization as a whole.

Group Discussion

Resilient Change

How to Succeed During Times of Professional or Personal change

Nataly Kogan reveals what individuals and organizations can do to not just cope but excel during times of change. Taking audiences through her Five Core Happier Skills, each backed by research, Nataly unpacks how to use each strategy and tool specifically during change so that employees and organizations can anticipate, adapt and thrive.

Where Nataly has spoken

  • Gillette
  • TEDx
  • Mullen
  • GAP
  • The Ad Club
  • Canyon Ranch

Happier at Work™ Training

Our Happier at Work™ program will help your team members develop practical skills backed by science in order to improve resilience, gain a greater sense of meaning and self-awareness, and become happier and more energized to contribute at work.

Nataly with group

Boost resilience

Learn techniques to manage stress, improve mindful communication and self-awareness, and increase wellbeing.

Create a human-centered culture

Master simple ways to incorporate gratitude and kindness into your team's daily interactions, proven by research to improve teamwork and productivity.

Cultivate psychological safety

Research shows that an environment where team members feel they can be open and honest with each other leads to better performance and problem solving.

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