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Emotional Health @ Work During Challenge and Uncertainty: Virtual Keynote

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In this inspiring and practical virtual talk, Nataly shares research about how the brain reacts to challenges, science-backed skills, and simple, immediately actionable practices that help reduce stress, boost resilience and motivation, and foster a greater sense of connection (including when working remotely).

If you want to bring this virtual keynote to your organization, talent and leadership development program, or meeting, please email us at team@happier.com and we'd love to share more details!

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For every virtual keynote we conduct for a company, we give a free session to medical workers. Find out more at Happier Helps!

Nataly has loved speaking at hundreds of leading companies and national conferences, including:

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About Nataly

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Nataly Kogan is one of the leading global experts in optimizing your emotional fitness and elevating your leadership. Direct, inspiring, and refreshingly vulnerable, Nataly busts through established myths around emotional health (don't dare say "soft skill" to her face!) and activates her audiences to embrace emotional fitness as a non-negotiable skill they must practice to optimize their capacity to struggle less and thrive more in work and life.

Before Happier, Nataly held top positions at McKinsey and Microsoft, was a Managing Director at a venture capital fund, and started, or served on the senior teams of, 5 startups and tech companies — all before her mid-30s.

Today she is a sought-after keynote and TEDx speaker, who has received countless standing ovations thanks to her inspiring story and instantly implementable takeaways that transform how people work and live. She’s given keynotes at leading conferences and universities, and her talks and workshops have elevated team culture for leading companies, helping teams and leaders to prioritize their greatest asset, their people.

Nataly workhumanNataly has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and TIME.  

In addition to her life-changing talks, the 5 Core Happier Skills and daily practices are available in online courses, Happier @ Work training programs, virtual leadership programs, and Nataly’s book, Happier Now: How to Stop Chasing Perfection and Embrace Everyday Moments (Even the Difficult Ones), published in May of 2018.

Nataly's most popular talks

*All of Nataly's talks can be delivered virtually*

Leading Through AdversityPractical emotional fitness skills to help youNataly virtual keynote 4 struggle less and optimize your team’s capacity to thrive

To lead means to positively impact other people’s capacity to thrive, which is not possible unless you prioritize your own capacity to thrive. During times of extreme uncertainty and change, this poses an even greater challenge.

In this practical and inspiring session, Nataly Kogan shares her personal story of success and burnout as a leader, and gives straight talk to activate leaders to make emotional fitness their top priority, so they can struggle less and have more emotional and mental energy to bring to the work and people they lead. She incorporates convincing scientific research on the direct link between emotional fitness and resilience, performance, and the ability to lead through challenges.

Leaders walk away with tangible practices they can immediately use to strengthen their own emotional fitness and leadership skills, and practices and rituals for their teams, to help boost well-being, resilience, and performance. 

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Challenge is Constant, Struggle is Optional

How to break free from burnout, struggle less, and thrive more

Nataly HUBweek

Emotional Health @ Work During Challenge And Uncertainty

How to manage stress, avoid burnout, and strengthen your emotional fitness skills during difficult times

Nataly Pendulum stage Happiness is a Skill crop

Happiness is a skill

Science-backed skills and practices to help you live with more joy, resilience, and meaning!

Girls in Tech 4b

Elevating Women Leaders

How women can connect to their best selves, lean into fear, and unlock their true potential!

IIDA Nataly stage flip

The Power of Resilience

Science and skills to help you positively adapt amidst adversity

Nataly on Workhuman stage 2

The Science of Gratitude

Cultivate a human-centered culture of gratitude to boost engagement and performance

Nataly has spoken at

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Watch Nataly's TEDx Talk

How a Russian refugee in the U.S. climbed to the top of the corporate ladder, burned out, and changed her life by founding Happier.

Nataly's recent and upcoming keynotes and virtual talks

2021 Virtual Events

  • For All Seasons

    Keynote for For All Seasons' annual fundraising event for the non-profit Behavioral Health and Rape Crisis Center serving the five counties of Maryland’s Mid Shore. 

  • SAP Catalyst, April

    Fireside Chat for SAP's global Catalysts program for high-performing individuals that are considered to be instrumental in the future success of the organization.

  • Cradles to Crayons, February

    Company-wide learning session for the national and market teams for Cradles to Crayons, who helps provide everyday essentials to children in need.

  • Google Developer Relations Summit, January

    Virtual session for the one-day summit for Google's developer relations team.

  • MIT Press, January

    Company-wide session virtual session for MIT Press's offices in Cambridge and London.

2020 Virtual Events

  • Comcast Leaders, December

    Keynote for the Comcast's year-end leader meeting in the Beltway Region.

  • Vanguard, October and November

    Keynote for the New Ways of Working Event and Relationship Manager Offsite at Vanguard.

  • Allstate, November

    Keynote for Allstate's Thrive Virtual Series for Employees.

  • Bank of America hosted by MasterCard, October and November

    2 keynotes for virtual events sponsored by MasterCard for leaders at Bank of America in Delaware and North Carolina.

  • Google Women's Summit, October

    Opening keynote of the 3-day Google Women's Summit.

  • Juniper Networks, October

    Special virtual session for all global employees, preceded by an all-leader session.

  • Texas Conference for Women, October

    Recorded keynote and live Q&A for the Texas Conference for Women, which provides connection, motivation, networking, inspiration and skill building for thousands of Texas women each year. 

    Register here: https://www.txconferenceforwomen.org/

  • Worklife, September

    Keynote at the Annual Meeting for Worklife, a new venture capital firm focusing on the future of work

  • Sharks Sports & Entertainment, September

    Keynote for the Sharks organization's speaker series for all employees, Teal Talks.

  • Apex Capital, August

    Keynote for all employees at Apex Capital, a factoring company for trucking companies and fleets.

  • Lotus Network Annual Event, August

    Keynote for Lotus Network, who's vision is to empower women to find their unique purpose by providing the 500 women members an event with social and educational resources that support meaningful connection, personal growth and purposeful living at the Denver Center for Performing Arts.

  • SAP Concur connectX, August

    Live keynote as part of SAP Concur's three-week engagement program focused on helping all 8000 employees run at their best.

  • Capital One EP2 Tech, April and August

    Talk series with all associates of the Capital One Enterprise Products and Platforms Technology (EP2) division.

  • Eileen Fisher, June

    Virtual session for all employees of the leading women's clothing brand, Eileen Fisher. 

  • SAP America Global Partner Summit, June

    Keynote for SAP America's annual event for their partner companies, which is a community of 21,000 partners. Nataly's keynote is part of the segment on: Taking Care of Business - the Human Side of It.

  • Ascension Health Systems, May

    Keynote for Ascension, a national, faith-based healthcare organization that is celebrating and honoring their heroes with this virtual session for their 160,000 employees as part of National Nurses Week, Hospital Week, and Mission Week, which all occur in the month of May.

  • WT2: Women Transforming Technology Conference​, May

    Keynote for the 5th annual WT2 conference, founded by VMware, featuring inspiring role models and thought-leaders in the Silicon Valley tech industry to inspire, support, and connect women in all areas and levels of technology in Silicon Valley and beyond.

    May 5th, open to the public: www.womentransformingtechnology.com

  • GE Capital, April-May

    Keynote for all GE Capital global employees and a guest appearance on a prior all-employee meeting.

  • Tech Women @ Intuit, April

    Talk for Tech Women @ Intuit a multidimensional program that empowers women of all ages and experience levels to share their expertise, advance their skills, and grow their networks .

  • Massachusetts General Hospital, April-May

    Virtual Series on How to strengthen your emotional health skills during times of uncertainty and Coronavirus for healthcare workers.

    *This event is part of our pro bono effort to support the emotional health of healthcare workers and their patient community during the pandemic.

  • Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, April

    As part of the MJFF's mission to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease and to ensure the development of improved therapies for those living with Parkinson’s today, a special edition of their monthly webinar for Parkinson’s Awareness Month: Living in the Moment when the Moment Is Unprecedented. 

    Listen to the replay at: www.michaeljfox.org/webinar/living-moment-when-moment-unprecedented

    *This event is part of our pro bono effort to support the emotional health of healthcare workers and their patient community during the pandemic.

  • AllianceBernstein, April

    Keynote for Bernstein's high-net-worth families and Bernstein professionals and their clients worldwide.

  • SAP Concur, March-April

    Talk and training series with unique sessions for both SAP Concur people managers and employees worldwide to support their emotional health during the pandemic.

  • HR.com, March

    Webcast for the HR.com's global community of over 1.75 million HR practitioners.

    Replay available to the public: How to Boost Your Emotional Health Skills During Uncertainty

2020 Live Events

  • Touchstone Women’s Collective Annual Conference: Santa Maria, March

    Touchstone, a consultant non-profit organization serving organizations and individuals, will host the 'Leading with Love' Conference for 270 women of all ages and stages, 17–70+.

  • Bernstein: Park City, March

    Bernstein's National Family Engagement Summit for high net worth individuals and families.

  • Watermark Conference for Women: San Jose, February

    The Watermark Conference for Women: Silicon Valley is the largest gathering of its kind in California, providing one full day of connection, motivation, networking, inspiration and skill building for thousands of women.

  • Young Presidents' Organization: San Diego, February

    YPO (Young Presidents' Organization) connects successful, young chief executives in a global network around a shared mission: better leaders through education and idea exchange.

  • New York Public Library: New York, January

    In her talk, Elevated Leadership: Practical skills to help you and people you lead be at their best! Nataly shares the mindset shifts, research, and emotionally healthy leadership skills to help you and your team thrive at the Science, Industry and Business Library.

Watch Nataly's Keynote at Workhuman '19

Happier @ Work: The 5 Science-Backed Skills That Transform Team Culture and Help Employees Thrive

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