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Let us support your team with emotional health skills that reduce stress, boost resilience, increase motivation, and cultivate connection during this challenging time!

Virtual training for teams and leaders during challenging times

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To help your employees get through this challenging time with greater resilience, we've created a special virtual session titled Emotional Health @ Work During Challenge and Uncertainty.  

In this virtual session, Nataly shares research, science-backed skills, and simple practices that help reduce stress, boost resilience and motivation, and foster a greater sense of connection with colleagues (including when working remotely).

If you want to bring this virtual offering to your team, talent and leadership development program, or company meeting, please email us at team@happier.com and we'd love to share more details!

Download a PDF overview of Emotional Health @ Work During Challenge And Uncertainty - Virtual Sessions

For every virtual session we conduct for a company, we give a free session to medical workers. Help us do more good by doing good for your employees! Find out more at Happier Helps.

What our clients are saying:

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Emotional Health Skills @Work

Our Bigger Why

Your emotions play a huge role in your ability to do your best work and to positively impact those you work with, including your colleagues, current and prospective customers, especially during challenging times.

Research shows that emotional awareness and well-being dramatically improve your performance and increase productivity, problem solving, creativity, and resilience during uncertainty and change.

Our Program

Our innovative Emotional Health Skills @Work program teaches leaders, employees, and teams science-backed skills and highly actionable practices that increase emotional awareness, well-being, and resilience, and cultivate a culture of gratitude, psychological safety, and collaboration that research has linked directly to better individual and business performance.

Research shows: emotional health skills and people-embracing cultures drive real results

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Managers who care drive performance!

According to a worldwide study by Towers Watson, the single biggest driver of engagement is whether or not employees feel their managers are genuinely interested in their well-being.


Greater employee well-being improves productivity 

Research shows that improving employee happiness raises sales by 37%, productivity by 31%, and accuracy of task completion by 19%.

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Recognition drives real results

Studies show that companies with high-recognition cultures perform better and have less employee turnover than those that don’t. 

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Most effective teams have a culture of psychological safety

After conducting a comprehensive study, Google found that psychological safety was the number one factor shared by the most effective teams in the company.

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Employees who thrive perform dramatically better

Thriving employees perform 27% better than non-thriving employees, including 89% better on innovation, and they are 79% more committed to the organization.

Real results and impact!

Our @Work programs and the Happier Method's science-backed skills  and practices have helped more than a million people, leaders, and employees thrive by dramatically improving their emotional well-being and resilience.

Through in-person and virtual talks and workshops, we teach practical science-backed skills that:

  • Improve emotional well-being
  • Increase resilience through challenges and change
  • Build and strengthen a culture of recognition and psychological trust
  • Help avoid burnout and overwhelm
  • Facilitate collaboration and creativity

Bring Happier @ Work to Your Company

Our innovative Happier @ Work programs can help your team members develop practical      skills backed by science in order to improve resilience, gain a greater sense of meaning and    self-awareness, and become happier and more energized to contribute at work.

Our relevant Happier @ Work Talks and Workshops can be delivered in a variety of different virtual formats:

  • 60-75 minute virtual workshops for employees, teams, and leaders
  • 45 to 75-minute keynote with Q&A
  • Training series as part of your talent and leadership development initiatives
  • Talk or workshop for your diversity initiative, leadership summit, or national meeting
Teams, leaders, and group participants walk away with easy-to-implement, science-backed practices that improve emotional health, strengthen company culture, and boost every aspect of performance.
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Learn more about Emotional Health Skills @Work

Simply fill out this short form and we'll send you more details about our innovative Emotional Health Skills @Work program.

Some of our favorite companies we're proud to work with

We are partnering with these companies to offer comprehensive, company-wide Happier @Work programs for leaders, teams, and employees across the organization to cultivate emotionally healthy workplaces.

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We are thrilled to be partnering with SAP Concur in a multiyear program for their 8,000 employees to empower them with practical skills to strengthen a culture of gratitude, purpose, kindness, and psychological safety so they can bring their best selves to do their best work. 

ConnectXOur Happier @Work partnership includes senior leadership workshops, company-wide keynotes, interactive sessions for for high performers, and virtual training for employees, people managers, and engagement network members. 

In partnership with the People Connection Team at SAP Concur, we're working to:

  • Strengthen the sense of human connection between employees through regular and consistent practice of gratitude and kindness 
  • Help employees learn and practice ways to manage day-to-day stress and increase resilience during challenges and change
  • Increase psychological safety to reduce anxiety around difficult communications and improve collaboration within and between teams
  • Connect to a greater sense of purpose and meaning within work and daily responsibilities

"These are practical skills, which is what makes it so impactful. It’s not about being positive all the time, it’s about feeling all the feels. It’s about happy employees and creating psychological safety within the workplace, which correlates to happy customers, greater innovation, a more inclusive environment and positive business results." - Jenn McColly, Vice President of Employee Experience

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During a multi-year program, we focused on helping leaders and employees of this people-focused innovative company to practice the skills of gratitude, kindness, and self-care to cultivate their emotional health, reduce stress, and foster a culture of connection and trust.

“Our employees experienced transformations and had no shortage of praise and appreciation. Managing work stress, having happy employees — all of that ties in to productivity in the workplace and ROI.” 

-Joy Devins, Chief Strategy Leader

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For a company in a fast-paced ad tech industry, we've focused our partnership on teaching leaders and managers in different teams -- sales, product, and professional services -- practical skills they can use to help them move through change and challenges with greater resilience.

"THANK YOU so much for the work and impact on our team – your preparation, dedication and amazing delivery made a huge impact on our team!" 

- Anna Grodecka-Grad, Chief Services Officer

Watch Nataly's Keynote at Workhuman '19

Happier @Work: The 5 Science-Backed Skills That Transform Team Culture and Help Employees Thrive

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