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The research is unequivocal: Employee well-being and a positive culture directly improve engagement, resilience, and performance. The awesome news is that emotional fitness is a SKILL and we can help your employees and leaders strengthen it!

Emotional Fitness Skills @ Work

Innovative learning experiences for teams and leaders

 Arm your employees with science-backed emotional fitness skills so they can more effectively manage stress, avoid burnout, and fuel their capacity to thrive through change and uncertainty.

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During these learning experiences, Nataly shares straight talk, research in neuroscience and psychology, and her powerful, personal story of success and overcoming burnout to activate participants to practice their emotional fitness skills using the science-backed Happier Method™. 

Download a PDF overview of The Power of Emotional Fitness @ Work or get in touch with us if you want to bring one of these experiences to your team or organization—virtually or in-person. We'd love to learn how we can help!

We love partnering with so many awesome companies, including:

  • capital one 2
  • comcast
  • Dell tech
  • google
  • MGH
  • gecapital

Why Emotional Fitness Matters at Work

We don't leave our emotions at the door when we come to work. 

It's the opposite!

In fact, your emotions and mindset play a huge role in your ability to do your best work and to positively impact those you work with.

Research shows that employee well-being and a positive work culture rooted in trust, gratitude, compassion, and sense of purpose dramatically improve performance and increase productivity, problem solving, creativity, and resilience during uncertainty and change.

Our Program

Our innovative Happier @Work talks and learning experiences teach leaders, employees, and teams science-backed skills and proven practices that increase emotional awareness, well-being, and resilience, and cultivate a positive work culture of gratitude, psychological safety, and kindness.


  • The Power of Emotional Fitness @ Work: Fuel your well-being, manage your energy, and find more joy and meaning daily
  • Leaders, Stop Putting Yourself Last: How emotionally fit leadership propels you and your team to greatness
  • Women @ Work: Fire up the awesome and unlock your true human potential
  • Thriving Through Change: An unboring masterclass in inner change management
  • The Awesome Human Project: Break free from daily burnout, struggle less and thrive more, in work and life
  • Happier Now!: How to stop chasing perfection and embrace everyday moments (even the difficult ones)
  • The Power of Creativity: A hands-on learning experience to explore how creativity can help you break through mental blocks, quiet your inner critic, and fuel your energy

These talks and learning experiences can be delivered live or virtually as a:

  • Standalone keynote or a talk that’s part of your next company-wide meeting, conference,   or client event
  • 60 to 75-minute sessions for employees, leaders, or teams
  • A series as part of your talent and leadership development initiatives
  • 30 to 45-minute fireside chat or talk for your next virtual town hall or all-hands
  • Talk or workshop for your summit, D&I initiative, women’s leadership event, or employee resource group
  • Webinar for small teams
  • All formats include interactive Q&A

Special offerings available for women’s groups, startups, non-profit organizations, and learning institutions.

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What our clients are saying:

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Watch Nataly's Virtual Learning Experience for Bayer's Inclusion and Diversity Series

Emotional Health @ Work During Challenge & Uncertainty 

Research shows: employee well-being and a positive work culture drive real results

Cupped Hands

Managers who care drive performance!

According to a worldwide study by Towers Watson, the single biggest driver of engagement is whether or not employees feel their managers are genuinely interested in their well-being.


Greater employee well-being improves productivity 

Research shows that improving employee happiness raises sales by 37%, productivity by 31%, and accuracy of task completion by 19%.

Thumbs Up

Recognition drives real results

Studies show that companies with high-recognition cultures perform better and have less employee turnover than those that don’t. 

5-Pointed Star

Most effective teams have a culture of psychological safety

After conducting a comprehensive study, Google found that psychological safety was the number one factor shared by the most effective teams in the company.

Group of People

Employees who thrive perform dramatically better

Thriving employees perform 27% better than non-thriving employees, including 89% better on innovation, and they are 79% more committed to the organization.

Check out some of our @Work programs at awesome companies that value employee emotional fitness and well-being

  • Dell CFO Global Finance

    Yearlong Awesome Human Project virtual program for all CFO development program levels, keynote for FP&A Global Conference, 2021 6-part virtual learning and development series,  creativity workshops, and more!

  • The National Security Administration

    Keynote and 5-session series Learning and Development program for all employees of the NSA, in partnership with the agency's Organizational Leadership and Management Skill Community.

  • Capital One

    Keynote, virtual learning series, and fireside chat sessions for Financial Services, Human Resources, Shared Services, FS Technology, and EP2 divisions.

  • Google

    Keynotes and virtual learning experiences for the Developer Community, Corporate Engineering team, Global Client and Agency Solutions Organization, and YouTube/Video team.

  • Massachusetts General Hospital

    Virtual learning sessions for medical staff, 3-part virtual learning series for the Center for Physician Well-Being, and leadership series the Women in Oncology Group.

  • Bank of America

    Virtual learning series for women leaders at Bank of America in Delaware and North Carolina, sponsored by MasterCard.

  • SAP Concur

    2-year company-wide program for senior management, people managers, top performers, and employees worldwide, including live and virtual keynotes, workshops, virtual learning experiences, and custom digital and physical Happier @ Work toolkits.

  • VMware

    Virtual learning experiences for the Cloud Management business unit and Talent Acquisition Diversity & Inclusion's programs, and fireside chat for VMInclusion event, and keynote for WT2 Women Transforming Technology conference.

  • GE Capital

    Keynote, virtual learning experience, and all-hands meetings for GE Capital global employees.

  • SAP

    Keynote for SAP America's Global Partner Summit, fireside chat series for the global Catalyst program for high performers, and town hall and virtual learning experience for Solutions Marketing.

The Power of Creativity Workshops

A hands-on learning experience to explore how creativity can help you break through mental blocks, quiet your inner critic, and fuel your energy

Research shows that creative activities boost your mood, energy, productivity, and motivation and can help you get through challenging and uncertain times with greater resilience.

In each session, Nataly shares research on creativity and incorporates one of the Happier Skills with easy-to-implement practices that participants can realistically integrate into their busy schedules after the session.

Nataly then leads everyone in a fun, creative activity that requires zero experience, calms your inner perfectionist and self-critic, and fuels energy and joy.

Nataly with art cropped

Workshop options include:

  • Well-Being and Watercolor (with live watercolor painting together)
  • The Power of Gratitude (participants will make a Gratitude Board)
  • Creative Connection (includes making watercolor kindness cards)

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