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Invest in your greatest unrealized assets – the emotional well-being of your employees and the culture of your organization!

Happier @ Work program

Our innovative Happier @ Work programs empower leaders and teams with science-backed skills and one-minute practices that strengthen team culture and boost productivity, creativity, communication, innovation, engagement, and business performance!

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Through in-person and virtual talks and workshops, we teach practical skills that:

  • Improve emotional well-being
  • Increase resilience through challenges and change
  • Help avoid burnout and overwhelm
  • Facilitate collaboration and creativity
  • Build and strengthen a culture of appreciation and psychological trust within your organization.

Research shows happier workplaces have:

Pencil In Hand

More productive and creative employees

Happiest employees spend 46% more time on their tasks and report being 65% more energized by their work

Group of People

Better problem solvers and teams

Happier employees help their colleagues 33% more often and they are 20% more likely to have happier teammates


Less stress and better health

High stress work environments have 46% higher health care costs and happier employees take 10 times less sick leave than others

Thumbs Up

A competitive edge

Mid-sized companies with happy workplaces have 46% less turnover, 19% less sick leave costs, and 12% greater productivity

5-Pointed Star

Greater success

Happier employees find creative solutions to problems, work better as part of a team, and receive more positive reviews and promotions

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Real results and impact!

  • Happier @ Work and the Happier Method's science-backed skills, daily rituals, and one-minute practices have helped more than a million people, leaders, and employees thrive by dramatically improving their emotional well-being and resilience.
  • We are championing the principle that the emotional health of your employees and a strong, human-centered culture are not nice-to-have “extras.” Instead, they are critical factors to your short and long term success!  

Want more details? Download the Happier @ Work - Our Approach printable PDF.

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Some of our favorite companies we're proud to work with

We are partnering with these companies to offer comprehensive, company-wide Happier @ Work programs for leaders, teams, and employees across the organization to cultivate emotionally healthy workplaces.

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We are thrilled to be partnering with SAP Concur in a multiyear program for their 8,000 employees to empower them with practical skills to strengthen a culture of gratitude, purpose, kindness, and psychological safety so they can bring their best selves to do their best work. 

ConnectXOur Happier @ Work partnership includes senior leadership workshops, company-wide keynotes, interactive sessions for for high performers, and virtual training for employees, people managers, and engagement network members. 

In partnership with the People Connection Team at SAP Concur, we're working to:

  • Strengthen the sense of human connection between employees through regular and consistent practice of gratitude and kindness 
  • Help employees learn and practice ways to manage day-to-day stress and increase resilience during challenges and change
  • Increase psychological safety to reduce anxiety around difficult communications and improve collaboration within and between teams
  • Connect to a greater sense of purpose and meaning within work and daily responsibilities

"These are practical skills, which is what makes it so impactful. It’s not about being positive all the time, it’s about feeling all the feels. It’s about happy employees and creating psychological safety within the workplace, which correlates to happy customers, greater innovation, a more inclusive environment and positive business results." - Jenn McColly, Vice President of Employee Experience

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During a multi-year program, we focused on helping leaders and employees of this people-focused innovative company to practice the skills of gratitude, kindness, and self-care to cultivate their emotional health, reduce stress, and foster a culture of connection and trust.

“Our employees experienced transformations and had no shortage of praise and appreciation. Managing work stress, having happy employees — all of that ties in to productivity in the workplace and ROI.” 

-Joy Devins, Chief Strategy Leader

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For a company in a fast-paced ad tech industry, we've focused our partnership on teaching leaders and managers in different teams -- sales, product, and professional services -- practical skills they can use to help them move through change and challenges with greater resilience.

"THANK YOU so much for the work and impact on our team – your preparation, dedication and amazing delivery made a huge impact on our team!" 

- Anna Grodecka-Grad, Chief Services Officer

The Happier @ Work Solution

Happier @ Work is an innovative program that introduces immediately applicable Happier skills through in-person and virtual talks and workshops, with ongoing learning and integration through online courses, videos, team rituals, and Happier practices.

Download the PDF of our Happier @ Work Talks and Workshop Topics.

During the program, we explore one or more of the 5 Core Happier Skills by combining scientific evidence with real-life examples, and teach practical skills by empowering employees and leaders with one-minute practices they can easily fit into their busy schedules. 

Participants and teams walk away with easy-to-implement, science-backed practices that improve emotional health, strengthen company culture, and boost every aspect of performance. 

We offer a variety of instructor led, in-person and virtual learning options, based on your needs:

  • 60 to 90-minute talks with Q&A
  • 1 to 2-hour interactive workshops
  • Diversity initiatives, off-site meetings, or executive retreats 

Happier @ Work helps to cultivate a human-centered workplace culture that boosts resilience and encourages psychological safety. Employees feel revitalized and energized to come to work! 

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Happier @ Work: The 5 Science-Backed Skills That Transform Team Culture and Help Employees Thrive

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