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Invest in your greatest unrealized assets – the emotional well-being of your employees and the culture of your organization!

Happier @ Work program

Our innovative talks and workshops teach practical skills that improve emotional well-being, increase resilience through challenges and change, and create a culture of appreciation and psychological trust within your organization.

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We demonstrate that happiness is not just a feeling, but a skill that can be learned, led, and improved with practice, which dramatically impacts:

  • Productivity
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Communication
  • Engagement
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Psychological safety
  • Team culture
  • Business performance

Research shows happier workplaces have:

Pencil In Hand

More productive and creative employees

Happiest employees spend 46% more time on their tasks and report being 65% more energized by their work

Group of People

Better problem solvers and teams

Happier employees help their colleagues 33% more often and they are 20% more likely to have happier teammates


Less stress and better health

High stress work environments have 46% higher health care costs and happier employees take 10 times less sick leave than others

Thumbs Up

A competitive edge

Mid-sized companies with happy workplaces have 46% less turnover, 19% less sick leave costs, and 12% greater productivity

5-Pointed Star

Greater success

Happier employees find creative solutions to problems, work better as part of a team, and receive more positive reviews and promotions

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Real results and impact!

  • Happier @ Work and the Happier Method's science-backed skills, daily rituals, and one-minute practices have helped more than a million people, leaders, and employees thrive by dramatically improving their emotional well-being and resilience.
  • We are championing the principle that the emotional health of your employees and a strong, human-centered culture are not nice-to-have “extras.” Instead, they are critical factors to your short and long term success!  

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The Happier @ Work Solution

Happier @ Work is an innovative program that introduces immediately applicable Happier skills through in-person and virtual talks and workshops, with ongoing learning and integration through online courses, videos, Happier practices and rituals, and the Happier app. 

Download the PDF of our Happier @ Work Talks and Workshop Topics.

During the program, we explore one or more of the 5 Core Happier Skills by combining scientific evidence with real-life examples, and teach practical skills by empowering employees and leaders with one-minute practices they can easily fit into their busy schedules. 

Participants and teams walk away with easy-to-implement, science-backed practices that improve emotional health, company culture, and every aspect of performance. 

We offer a variety of instructor led, in-person and virtual learning options, based on your needs:

  • 60 to 90-minute talks with Q&A
  • 1 to 2-hour interactive workshops
  • Diversity initiatives, off-site meetings, or executive retreats 

Happier @ Work helps to create a human-centered culture that boosts resilience and cultivates psychological safety. Employees feel revitalized and energized to come to work! 

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What our clients are saying:

We're proud to work with companies that value employee happiness

Pure Happier

“I saw Nataly speak at a business conference and her effect on me personally was so powerful that I brought her in to do a corporate program for our employees, who experienced their own transformations and had no shortage of praise and appreciation.”- Joy Devins, Senior Vice President, Pure Encapsulations and Douglas Laboratories

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