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Let us support your team with emotional fitness skills that reduce stress, boost resilience, increase motivation, and cultivate connection during this challenging time!

Virtual training for teams and leaders during challenging times

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To help your employees get through this challenging time with greater resilience, we've created a special virtual session titled Emotional Health @ Work During Challenge and Uncertainty.  

In this interactive virtual session, Nataly shares research, science-backed skills, and simple practices that help reduce stress, boost resilience and motivation, and foster a greater sense of connection with colleagues (including when working remotely).

If you want to bring this virtual offering to your team, talent and leadership development program, or company meeting, please email us at team@happier.com and we'd love to share more details!

Download a PDF overview of Emotional Health @ Work During Challenge And Uncertainty - Virtual Sessions

For every virtual session we conduct for a company, we give a free session to medical workers. Help us do more good by doing good for your employees! Find out more at Happier Helps.

We love getting to partner with so many awesome companies, including:

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  • comcast
  • wmware
  • google
  • MGH
  • gecapital

Emotional Health @Work

Our Bigger Why

Your emotions and mindset play a huge role in your ability to do your best work and to positively impact those you work with, including your colleagues, current and prospective customers, especially during challenging times.

Research shows that emotional awareness and well-being dramatically improve your performance and increase productivity, problem solving, creativity, and resilience during uncertainty and change.

Our Program

Our innovative Emotional Health @Work workshops and training series teach leaders, employees, and teams science-backed skills and highly actionable practices that increase emotional awareness, well-being, and resilience, and cultivate a culture of gratitude, psychological safety, and collaboration.


  • Emotional Health @ Work During Challenge And Uncertainty: How to manage stress, avoid burnout, and strengthen your emotional fitness skills during difficult times.
  • Leading Through Adversity: Practical emotional fitness skills to help you struggle less and optimize your team’s capacity to thrive.
  • Challenge is Constant, Struggle is Optional: How to break free from burnout, struggle less, and thrive more
  • Happiness is a Skill: Science-backed skills and practices to help you live with more joy, resilience, and meaning!
  • Elevating Women Leaders: How women can connect to their best selves, lean into fear, and unlock their true potential!
  • The Power of Resilience: Science and skills to help you positively adapt amidst adversity.
  • The Science of Gratitude: Cultivate a human-centered culture of gratitude to boost engagement and performance.

These innovative sessions can be delivered in a variety of formats:

  • 60 to 75-minute workshops for teams and leaders
  • 45 to 75-minute keynote with Q&A
  • Training series as part of your talent and leadership development initiatives
  • Talk or workshop for your diversity initiative, leadership summit, or national meeting

All of our topics and formats can be delivered virtually and each session or series is customized to your group and needs!

Download a PDF with our Happier @ Work Talks and Workshops

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Research shows: employee well-being and human-centered culture drive real results

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Managers who care drive performance!

According to a worldwide study by Towers Watson, the single biggest driver of engagement is whether or not employees feel their managers are genuinely interested in their well-being.


Greater employee well-being improves productivity 

Research shows that improving employee happiness raises sales by 37%, productivity by 31%, and accuracy of task completion by 19%.

Thumbs Up

Recognition drives real results

Studies show that companies with high-recognition cultures perform better and have less employee turnover than those that don’t. 

5-Pointed Star

Most effective teams have a culture of psychological safety

After conducting a comprehensive study, Google found that psychological safety was the number one factor shared by the most effective teams in the company.

Group of People

Employees who thrive perform dramatically better

Thriving employees perform 27% better than non-thriving employees, including 89% better on innovation, and they are 79% more committed to the organization.

Real results and impact!

Through in-person and virtual talks and workshops, we teach practical science-backed skills that:

  • Nataly with groupImprove emotional well-being
  • Increase resilience through challenges and change
  • Build and strengthen a culture of recognition and psychological trust
  • Help avoid burnout and overwhelm
  • Facilitate collaboration and creativity

What our clients are saying:

The Power of Creativity Workshops

These interactive virtual sessions offer participants a hands-on learning experience and re-energizing self-care break that connects participants in a unique, meaningful way. 

Research shows that creative activities boost your mood, energy, productivity, and motivation and can help you get through challenging and uncertain times with greater resilience.

In each session, Nataly shares research on creativity and incorporates one of the Happier Skills with easy-to-implement practices that participants can realistically integrate into their busy schedules after the session.

Nataly then leads everyone in a fun, creative activity that requires zero experience, calms your inner perfectionist and self-critic, and fuels energy and joy.

Nataly with art cropped

Workshop options include:

  • Well-Being and Watercolor (with live watercolor painting together)
  • The Power of Gratitude (participants will make a Gratitude Board)
  • Creative Connection (includes making watercolor kindness cards)

Watch Nataly's Keynote at Workhuman '19

Happier @Work: The 5 Science-Backed Skills That Transform Team Culture and Help Employees Thrive

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