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Happiness is a skill. And we're here to help you practice it so you can find more joy in everyday moments and handle the difficult ones with resilience.

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Find inspiration, science-based practices, and a realistic path to living genuinely happier in Nataly's book, HAPPIER NOW.

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Virtual training for teams and leaders during adversity

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To help your employees get through this challenging time with greater resilience, we've created a special virtual session titled Emotional Health @ Work During Challenge and Uncertainty.  

In this virtual session, Nataly shares research, science-backed skills, and simple practices that help reduce stress, boost resilience and motivation, and foster a greater sense of connection with colleagues (including when working remotely).

If you want to bring this virtual offering to your team or organization, please email us at and we'd love to share more details!

Download a PDF overview of Emotional Health @ Work During Challenge And Uncertainty - Virtual Sessions

For every virtual session we conduct for a company, we give a free session to medical workers. Help us do more good by doing good for your employees! Find out more at Happier Helps.

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Try the Happier Method in whatever way works for you, from the Happier blog to online courses, video boosts, Happier @ Work workshops, and more!

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Nataly's short videos to encourage your Happier Skills practice

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21-day audio journey to help you create a gratitude habit

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21-day digital course to strengthen your Happier Skills

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Talks, workshops, and webinars for companies, teams, and leaders

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An honest, inspiring, and practical guide to help you live happier now

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Practical tips and inspiration to help you feel more joy and less stress

Happier Helps

Nataly virtual keynote 4From the free Awesome Human Hour on Wednesdays to virtual sessions for healthcare workers, find out how we can support your well-being and emotional health during this extremely challenging time.


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The Happier Method

Happiness is a skill you can learn and improve with practice. And we're dedicated to helping you with simple, science-based practices, daily anchors, and learning tools.

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