The Happier Method™

Happiness isn't just something you feel -- it's a skill you can learn and improve through practice. We're here to help you do it in just a few minutes a day.

The Happier Method

The science-backed Happier Method teaches happiness as a skill through simple practices that help you have more joy and greater resilience in work and life.

The Happier Method is based on 3 principles

These fundamental principles of the Happier Method redefine happiness and are the necessary mindset shifts for sustainable well-being.

  • Happiness and emotional well-being are not extras -- they are the foundation for being your best self and doing your best work while navigating life’s ups and downs.
  • To truly thrive, you need to stop trying to turn negatives into positives and learn to embrace the full range of human emotions.
  • Happiness is a skill, not just a feeling, and you can strengthen that skill with practice!

And includes 5 Core Happier Skills

Backed by research, the 5 Core Happier Skills can be cultivated, accessed, and strengthened with practice to support your well-being and help you get through tough times with resilience.

  • ACCEPTANCE: Acknowledging your feelings and the situation with clarity instead of judgment and using that as your starting point for moving forward.

  • GRATITUDE: Making an active choice to appreciate the small, positive moments in everyday life–even when times are challenging–and sharing your appreciation for other people with them. 
  • SELF-CARE: Treating yourself as a friend by intentionally fueling your emotional, mental, and physical energy.
  • INTENTIONAL KINDNESS: Being intentionally kind and compassionate towards others, with the intent to support or elevate them in some way, without expecting anything in return.
  • THE BIGGER WHY: Regularly connecting with your sense of meaning and purpose by identifying how your daily activities and tasks support your bigger goals, help others, or contribute to something greater than yourself.

Practice your Happier Skills!

There are numerous science-backed practices for work and life for each of the 5 Core Happier Skills. These proven, quick practices can easily fit into your existing daily routine and meet you wherever you’re at to help strengthen a skill, build on what’s working, navigate stress, or avoid burnout.

Pick the right learning and reinforcement tools for you!

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Practical tips and inspiration to help you feel more joy and less stress

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An honest, inspiring, and practical guide to help you live happier now

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Talks, workshops, and webinars for companies, teams, and leaders

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21-day digital course to strengthen your Happier Skills 

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Nataly's short videos to encourage your Happier Skills practice

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21-day audio journey to help you create a gratitude habit

Try the Happier Workout™ and practice the 5 Core Happier Skills in just 5 minutes! 

Nataly walks you through how to do it in this video:

The Happier Method meets you where you’re at:

Whether you are experiencing burnout, wanting to better deal with everyday stress, or looking to experience lasting personal and professional fulfillment in a sustainable way – the Happier Skills can help!

Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have used the Happier Method to get more out of life – you can too.

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