Leading Through Change

A 7-week comprehensive program to empower you with science-backed skills to successful lead through uncertainty and change

You are a leader if you positively impact other people's capacity to thrive!

nataly new headshotBut you can only do it if you first positively impact your own capacity to thrive.

In this 7-week program with Nataly Kogan, you will gain science-backed skills and a toolkit of simple yet surprisingly powerful practices to thrive through change and confidently lead your team through uncertainty -- without burning out.

Change is hard. Leading through change is harder.

  • The human brain hates change and brings up stress, fear and resistance in response to it
  • Constant overwhelm and fear-based thinking limit your ability to lead with clarity and compassion
  • Servant leadership often turns into martyr leadership when you're facing a challenge, often leading to burnout
  • You want to motivate your team, but you have no idea how to do it authentically and meaningfully

But change can become an opportunity to grow, thrive, and create a deep sense of meaning and connection!

The science-backed skills, mindset shifts, and simple yet surprisingly powerful practices you'll learn in Leading Through Change are already helping thousands of leaders thrive through change and lead their teams with greater clarity, confidence, and mindset of possibility!

The Leading Through Change Promise

When you join the Leading Through Change program, we promise that you’ll learn simple yet surprisingly powerful practices to:

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Create a fueling inner narrative to lead you through fear, uncertainty, and vulnerability inherent in change

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Energize and motivate yourself and your team in authentic and meaningful ways (no positive pep-talks required)

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Strengthen your emotional fitness, the skill of handling change with less struggle by creating a supportive relationship with yourself, your thoughts, and emotions

Here's how leaders from every industry and position are benefitting from Leading Through Change

Jodi C new"Leading Through Change could not have happened for me at a better time. It absolutely helped equip me for the mental and emotional challenges of an extremely challenging new role where I am leading my peers

As a former molecular biologist, I truly appreciate the foundational data-backed approach of Nataly's program and would highly recommend this course to anyone finding themselves in a place of struggle."

Jodi Constantino, Senior Director, Corporate Compliance at Capital One

Avi SI can unequivocally say that Nataly’s work has changed my being – she has infused me with the skills to transform as a leader. And, through workshops and practices, she has helped to unify and inspire my global team in both work and life.

Avi Spivack, Principal Program Manager at Amazon Ads


"Thanks to Leading Through Change, I am a more open and empathetic leader. I see emotions in others more clearly and am more comfortable with the range of emotions. I am actively practicing gratitude regularly now, asking for help more, and sharing where I am emotionally more."

Kerri Palamara McGrath, M.D., Director, Center for Physician Well-being, Department of Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital

Previous participants have come from the world’s leading organizations

  • Dell tech
  • capital one 2
  • google
  • MGH
  • SAP Concur logo color
  • sephora logo
  • Amazon Logo
  • cigna

What's included in the program

1. 7 live interactive learning sessions

Each 60-minute interactive learning session will be led by Nataly, including specific skills and practices, small breakout groups, and dedicated time for self-reflection and planning.

2. Access to the recordings for all 7 sessions

We will record every learning session and send you a recording right after, in case you miss it or need to leave early. You’ll have access for an entire year (and download any you want to save) so you can rewatch any sessions to refresh your learning and skills, anytime.

3. Additional recorded Q&A by Nataly to address your questions

In addition to dedicated Q&A time during every session, you can submit your specific questions to Nataly between sessions. She will answer all relevant questions in a recorded Q&A that everyone in the program can access and learn from.

Hi, I'm Nataly

nataly on floorBest-selling author, international keynote speaker, and positive change catalyst

I spent 15 years leading teams at large companies like Microsoft and McKinsey and 5 technology startups, including some I founded ... 

... but because I neglected my emotional fitness, I burned out.

My burnout taught me a painful lesson: 

While I always intended to be a servant leader, I was a martyr leader who couldn't offer compassion, clarity, or psychological safety to my teams.

I went on to develop the 5 Core Emotional Fitness Skills, which I've since taught to hundreds of thousands of people, leaders, and teams to help them struggle less and thrive more.

In Leading Through Change, I've brought together the best of my research, skills, and highly effective, tangible practices to help you boost your emotional fitness, flip the script on change, and lead yourself and your team with greater clarity, confidence, and mindset of possibility!

Change is an invitation to grow, thrive, and imagine what's possible. Let's do it together!

Nataly has been profiled and her work featured in hundreds of leading publications, including

  • The New York Times
  • smaller wsj logo
  • HBR
  • Forbes
  • TIME
  • Fast Company logo

Bring Leading Through Change to leaders in your organization!

Nataly leads Leading Through Change programs for leaders and high performers in leading organizations and would be thrilled to customize this program to fuel your leaders to thrive through change.

Cohort sizes range from 10-30 leaders.

If you're interested in making Leading Through Change part of your leadership development curriculum, please send us an email to team@happier.com so we can schedule a discovery call!

How Leading Through Change will help you right now

You will learn how to create a fueling inner narrative and use the core emotional fitness skills to lead through change with more calm confidence, authenticity, and mindset of possibility

  • Practice emotional fitness skills to handle change and challenges with less struggle, stress and overwhelm
  • Understand the neuroscience of change so you can recognize fear and resistance and shift to a more fueling mindset
  • Stop "surface acting" (fake positivity) and communicate with authenticity, compassion, and clarity

  • Strengthen your emotional awareness and openness to become a more authentic, effective leader
  • Develop a regular gratitude and self-reflection practice to ground yourself through change
  • Connect with and learn from other leaders going through similar challenges

Watch Nataly's interview with a Leading Through Change graduate

Nataly and Cassi talk about the power of the Emotional Whiteboard, a concept and key emotional awareness skill you'll be learning about in the program.

(As you'll notice, this program used to be called Leading Through Adversity.)

Cassi Tramm, Product Leader, HR Connected Products at Capital One

The Leading Through Change Curriculum

You will learn the 5 Core Emotional Fitness Skills, the research behind each one, and tangible, immediately accessible ways to practice them on your own and with your colleagues and team members. Over the 7 weeks of the program, you'll create your very own practical blueprint for leading through change with calm confidence, authenticity, and compassion, while honoring your energy and well-being.

  • Live Session #1: Neuroscience of Change +  Creating a Fueling Inner Narrative: Understand how the human brain reacts to change and uncertainty so you can effectively course-correct unhelpful thoughts and create a productive and supportive inner narrative
  • Live Session #2: The Skill of Acceptance and Emotional Openness:  Powerful techniques to help you focus on what you can control so you can make optimal decisions, and handle difficult emotions with greater ease
  • Live Session #3: The Skill of Gratitude and Acknowledgment: How to use gratitude to counter your brain’s negativity bias, fuel natural resilience amidst challenges, and strengthen the fiber of human connection on your team
  • Live Session #4: The Skill of Self-Care and Self-Compassion: How to realistically fuel your emotional, mental and physical energy so you can sustainably give your best to your work and the people you impact
  • Live Session #5: The Skill of Intentional Kindness and Compassion: Skills and practices to lead with compassion and meaningfully connect with others to strengthen trust, collaboration, and human connection
  • Live Session #6: The Skill of the Bigger Why: Practical strategies to help you and your colleagues connect your daily work to your meaning and purpose to increase motivation and reduce stress
  • Live Session #7: The Leading Through Change Blueprint: How to practice the 5 Core Emotional Fitness skills on a daily basis to lead through challenges and uncertainty with more energy, clarity, compassion and sense of purpose

Aaron SpelliscyLeading Through Change has given me more tools to support my team. The intentional practices help me to stop and reflect before moving forward rather than just reacting. Connecting to the Bigger Why is helping us find more motivation. Overall, Leading Through Change has helped to shift my mindset. Taking the time to pause and practice helps to be more present and to feel more joy in the moment. 

Aaron Spelliscy, Manager, Estate Payout at Conexus Credit Union

Feel confident in your decision

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Talk to us! 

Email team@happier.com if you have any questions about the program and we'll be thrilled to answer them!

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Money back guarantee.

If you've participated in the program and done the practices but are not seeing benefits or progress, we will refund your payment.

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Get reimbursed by your employer.

Many companies do cover Leading Through Change through leadership development budgets. Download this template to request reimbursement: Leading Through Change Reimbursement Template.docx

Christina Lok300.jpgNataly and everyone in the cohort have inspired and pushed me to be a more vulnerable and therefore a stronger leader for my team. I've used the introduction of these practices in my team touch bases as an opportunity to share more about myself which further opens the doors for my team to do the same and for us to grow together. 

Christina Lok, Supply Chain Strategy Manager at Sephora USA

Is Leading Through Change right for you?

We define a leader as someone whose primary objective is to positively impact other people's capacity to thrive. 

If this resonates with you, then this program is right for you!

Past participants have included:

  • Managers of small teams
  • Managers of large, multinational teams
  • Division and company executives
  • Individual contributors who impact others across the organization
  • Solopreneurs, coaches, and consultants

Here's how one team is benefitting from participating in Leading Through Change together

Cyna Alderman 300 (1).jpgNataly’s Leading Through Change program provides simple, accessible teachings that resonate across age, color, gender, culture, job title, and all of the rest. Experiencing this program as a team amplified the impact of the lessons by creating space to normalize authentic conversations about real world challenges, and building community within our organization. There is no better way to start a conversation about diversity and inclusion than by recognizing that we are all navigating our way through the same challenges – all awesome human beings – and collecting the tools to ease that journey.

Cyna Alderman, General Counsel at Private Family Office

Amplify the benefits of Leading Through Change by participating with other leaders from your organization

Many companies send groups of leaders to participate in Leading Through Change and experience significant, tangible benefits:

  • Share learnings and challenges throughout the program, and support each other's progress
  • Create a common language and practices around emotionally fit leadership that ripples throughout teams and the entire organization
  • Walk the talk of being an organization that values well-being, emotional fitness, and thriving!

We offer discounts for groups of 5+ leaders, and significant group discounts for 20 or more. 

Please reach out at team@happier.com so we can share more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the sessions live or prerecorded?

    All sessions are live via Zoom. There will be small group breakouts during the sessions and time for Q&A with Nataly at the end of each one.

  • I have a busy schedule. Is live participation required?

    You’ll have the best experience if you can participate in as many of the live sessions as possible. However, we know your schedule is busy and will send you a recording of each session immediately after, so if you can't attend or have to leave early, you can always take part.

  • I don't manage anyone. Is this program for me?

    Absolutely! Leadership isn't about your title or how many people you manage — you're a leader if you positively impact other people's capacity to thrive. Our past participants have included leaders of small teams or companies, individual contributors, and SVPs of large divisions.

  • I want to buy this program for multiple people or my team — what do I do?

    Just send us an email at team@happier.com for special team pricing for 5 or more leaders (and significant group discounts for 20 or more) and we’ll handle everything from there.

  • Can I get my company to pay for me to attend?

    Many companies do cover Leading Through Change through leadership development budgets. Check with your manager or HR department and if you need a separate invoice or a sample letter to request reimbursement, send us an email to team@happier.com.

  • What is the time investment for this program?

    The 7 live sessions are 7 hours of learning and any additional time you invest is entirely up to you. There aren't any lengthy reading materials — you learn by practicing the skills we learn during the sessions and integrating them into your daily routine.

  • What if I have other questions?

    No problem! Send an email to team@happier.com and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.