Elevating Women Leaders

Build a foundation of emotional fitness skills so you can lead through change and challenges with great confidence and resilience -- and positively impact other people's capacity to thrive!

Elevating Women Leaders 

with Nataly Kogan

Elevating Women Leaders is a year-long, small group program dedicated to strengthening your emotional fitness and leadership skills so you can unleash your full, awesome capacity to lead, grow, and thrive in a sustainable way.

This is a transformative year-long experience. It is for you if you want to:

  • Create a more supportive relationship with yourself, your thoughts and emotions so you can struggle less and unleash your full potential and capacity to do what's most meaningful to you
  • Be a centered, calm, and daring leader, who can positively impact other people's capacity to thrive (that's what it means to be a leader!)
  • Show up as your authentic self and create an environment of support and trust where people you lead can do the same
  • Learn how to effectively fuel the emotional and mental well-being of your team members (and make your own self-care a realistic priority!)
  • Feel more confident and effectively manage the inevitable challenges and stress of leadership
  • Amplify your presence and ability to communicate powerfully in high-stakes situations, including public speaking and presentations
  • Preserve and optimize your energy so you can be at your best, including during difficult days and times of change and transition

Why our graduates wholeheartedly recommend this program

Alison Campbell is the Chief of Staff to the Eric Mosley, CEO of WorkHuman. She graduated from Elevating Women Leaders in 2020.

I want to help you unleash your full, awesome capacity to sustainably thrive and be a force of good and positive impact!

nataly on floorI believe with every ounce of confidence that every single woman leader has an amazing capacity to contribute, to do impactful, meaningful work and to positively impact other people’s capacity to thrive (which is how I define a leader).

But you can’t do it alone. 

I tried. For 15+ years as a tech and finance executive and entrepreneur, I tried to tough it out on my own.

I also convinced myself that I didn’t need to tend to my emotional, mental, or frankly, even physical needs (4 hours of sleep was the norm).

I bought into the story that I was a “superwoman” who could somehow lead successful teams, take care of my family, be a great mom, and oh, be calm and collected through it all.

Until I burned out and almost lost everything.

But there was a blessing in my burnout, a powerful, life-changing lesson:

When I invested in myself -- in my emotional fitness, in my support network, in my mind, body, and soul -- I had so much more to give to my work, my teams, my family, everyone I interacted with.

You don't need to do it alone. And you don't need to burnout to achieve meaningful success.

You DO need:

  • To learn emotional fitness skills to create a more supportive relationship with yourself -- so you can work and lead with joy and meaning in a sustainable way without burning out. And learn how to use and lead these same skills to help others be at their best. 
  • Support, encouragement, mentorship and a place where you can let your guard down with other women leaders, celebrate your wins, and brainstorm solutions to problems and challenges.

This is what Elevating Women Leaders is all about!

Gillian Meek four"When I heard Nataly speak at a conference, I was immediately inspired by the way she shared her personal journey of growth, resulting in practices that are scientifically proven to improve productivity and support leadership. It also didn't hurt that she had a Keds story as a part of her history!

When she invited me to be a part of her inaugural Elevating Women Leaders Group, I thought the opportunity to engage with a group of diverse and talented women around these tools was too good to pass up. I have found the 'yellow' thread of gratitude (one of the core Happier principles) has made a profound impact on my team, creating an environment and culture where people feel supported and prepared to take on the toughest challenges. I have also met incredible women who define what it means to be an Elevated Women Leader.

Gillian Meek, President of Keds

Sabrina Tellez.jpg"When EWL started, I was in desperate need of getting more connected with my emotions. Through the strategies Nataly taught, I was able to find ways to observe my feelings and start my day in a more positive way. 

Professionally, I shared all that I learned with my teams and eventually our whole organization. I have seen a change in how our organization approaches boundaries and prioritizes emotional fitness. We have even implemented regular, emotional check-ins to better connect and support each other.

As we have brought on new hires and received their feedback, I have consistently heard how much they appreciate that our organization values and prioritizes self-care.

This program is extremely valuable."

Sabrina Tellez, Marketing, Compliance, and Training Director at Be A Champion, Inc.

The power of investing in yourself

Christie Randolph is a Director of Sales Systems at SAP. She graduated from our first cohort of Elevating Women Leaders in 2020.

What can you expect?

  • Highly customized-curriculum for women leaders with real-world application (no meaningless motivational talk!)
  • Science-backed emotional fitness skills for leaders to help you lead from your best self and help people you lead thrive
  • Proven practices you can easily incorporate into your daily routine and interactions with your team

  • All sessions are taught live by Nataly
  • Group and individual support, and ongoing access to Nataly between sessions (via email)
  • Quarterly open office hour sessions where members get to bring their questions and challenges directly to Nataly
  • Group size is limited to optimize for learning, live-coaching, and connection with Nataly and the group

EWL tower header 1
  • Members are personally curated by Nataly
  • All members are leaders in their companies, including executives in large organizations, division and team leaders, and founders/CEOs of startups
  • Facilitated peer-to-peer support, connection, and accountability
  • A safe, dedicated space to learn and grow, share challenges, and celebrate accomplishments together

Jenn_McColly 300.jpg“Being part of EWL has been a gift. It’s been a long time, longer than I’d like to admit, since I’ve prioritized time to dedicate towards my own development as a leader and a whole person. As a business leader and mom, I always prioritize others. 

EWL has reminded me of the importance of prioritizing my own personal development. EWL provides a safe forum with like-minded female leaders, creating space for one another to be vulnerable. I am a big believer that you will get out what you put in, so really lean in to the opportunity to connect and engage in order to maximize the impact the program will have on you.” 

Jenn McColly, Vice President of Employee Experience at SAP Concur

Tricia Dirks"I met Nataly when she spoke at our annual President’s Circle event for our top sales and services professionals. Her message of gratitude, purpose and happiness rang true for me. I am such a believer in introspection, personal growth, and getting up each day and working again to be my best self.

When Nataly asked if I would be interested in joining her first Elevating Women Leaders group, I jumped at the chance to meet other talented female leaders…working on the same stuff that I am. And it has been a gratifying experience. EWL helped me to consciously think about not only my behavior, but what I think about each day. It’s inspirational, uplifting, a learning experience, and fun."

Tricia Dirks, Chief Human Resource Officer of Sleep Number

Who is Nataly?

nataly on art chairI spent 20 years in tech, finance, and startups, including at companies like McKinsey and Microsoft, usually as the only or one of very few women at the decision-making table. At 26, I became a Managing Director at a venture capital fund -- an industry with fewer than 8% women. Happier is the 5th company I've either founded or been part of the founding team.

Aka, I get it! I really really get it: Being a woman leader is HARD and there are so many hurdles and challenges coming at you daily. 

But what I also learned through my experience is that we can learn to struggle less through the challenges by creating a more supportive relationship with ourselves and our thoughts and emotions.

This isn't something I learned in a research lab. It's a lesson I learned after I burned out and almost lost everything that was meaningful to me, including Happier, the company I love so much and worked so hard to build!

And that's my Bigger Why for creating Elevating Women Leaders and why I'm so eager for you to join me: To teach you the emotional fitness skills to help you struggle less and thrive more and to practice them together, in safe, encouraging, fueling space!

Oh, if you want a more formal bio, I got you: Click here to download it.

Susannah Winslow.jpg"So much of what I learned in this program has been a catalyst for positive change in my life. Above all has been the concept of beginning again. We always have the choice to begin again, recognize how we're feeling, and shift our mindset towards something better or a change in perspective that helps us live with more joy.

EWL gave me tools to connect to my team during a very uncertain time. Being able to take some time in our meetings to talk about self-care, joy, and gratitude allowed us to lean in more and build trust amongst our team. It helped all of us approach ourselves and each other with a little bit more grace.

If you do the work in this program, you and your colleagues/team will come out better for it."

Susannah Winslow, Senior Director of Innovation & Partner Services at CDP

Bella Amigud.jpg"I learned more about myself and the importance of refueling and self-care, including learning to prioritize what I say “yes” and “no” to.

Now my family understands what drains and what fuels me and they are supportive, whether I need more space or the opposite. 

EWL helped me listen more, hear what drains other people, and decrease unwanted meetings. We also implemented the Self-Care Olympics at my company, which was a huge success!

This is such a worthwhile program – you will learn a lot about yourself. I highly recommend it!"

Bella Amigud, Tax Partner at AAFCPAs

What will we be learning together?

nataly headshot 2023

You will build the foundation of emotional fitness foundation by learning and practicing the 5 core Emotional Fitness skills:

  • Acceptance: Shifting from judgment, including of yourself, to clarity and supportive action

  • Gratitude: Actively appreciating small positive moments and sharing your appreciation with other
  • Self-Care: Fueling your emotional, mental, and physical energy
  • Intentional Kindness: Being kind without expectations and leading with compassion
  • The Bigger Why: Connecting with a greater sense of purpose through your work

You will learn the science behind each of these skills, along with specific, simple ways to practice them on their own and with others, including team rituals and practices. We will discuss how to apply the collection of these skills during times of challenge and change and together, workshop any specific challenges program members are facing.

Drawing on her rich experience as a leader and executive, primarily in male-dominated industries, Nataly will also address roadblocks, limiting beliefs, and issues specific to women leaders and offer tangible strategies to work through them. Many past participants have had career and personal breakthroughs as the result of these learnings.

Specific areas of focus include:

  • Editing your story: telling a better more empowerful story of yourself
  • Fueling confidence by shifting from self-judgment into a pro-social mindset
  • How self-compassion improves your ability to lead
  • Embracing imperfection
  • How to be a more impactful public speaker

How does it work?

  • EWL logo cropped12-month, group learning experience
  • 10 live, 75-minute interactive learning and coaching sessions over 12 months
  • All sessions are held between 12-3pm ET and you'll always get a recording right after
  • Each session includes focused learning objectives, small group breakouts, check-in on previous session’s homework, discussion to dive into specific member questions, and live-coaching
  • Custom learning materials sent via email: session notes, 2-min accountability check-in form, and post-session homework
  • Assignments are to practice the skills you learned in each session (no long or boring reading assignments!) and check in with your accountability partner 
  • Facilitated peer-to-peer support, connection, and accountability throughout
  • Sessions recorded for convenience and members are encouraged to attend at least half of the sessions live
  • 4 additional open office hour sessions where members get to bring their questions and challenges directly to Nataly
  • Unlimited email access to Nataly during the year-long experience

Elevating Women Leaders For Your Organization

We would be thrilled to partner with your organization and create a customized Elevating Women Leaders program for your women leaders and high performers.

Please send us an email to team@happier.com so we can schedule a discovery call and create a program to fuel your women leaders!

How do I join?

Please sign up for Nataly's weekly email to be notified when our next Elevating Women Leaders cohort is starting!

Ellen Quish.jpg

"Elevating Women Leaders is a unique way of learning more about yourself and ultimately, about who you are and who you can become as a leader. 

Some of my biggest takeaways include the importance of prioritizing emotional fitness, being clear about your intention and purpose, and the benefits of going big and getting out of your comfort zone. 

Nataly is highly accessible and genuinely interested in each leader's experience and challenges."

Ellen Quish, Director of  Director of First Year Programming & Student Success at LaGuardia Community College

Diana Rothschild

EWL taught me so much on a personal, professional, and emotional level. The combination of neuroscience research, daily practices with myself and my team, and being paired up with incredible women leaders throughout the country created a multi-faceted experience that gave me the tools to be a more compassionate manager, a more intentional and well-spoken leader, and a more present wife and mother. 

I also built deep friendships in the group and look forward to cheering on these amazing women as our careers progress.”

Diana Rothschild, Director of New Business Development for Retail at DoorDash

My Bigger Why for creating the Elevating Women Leaders