By Laura Zigman

Turn your photos into emoji-filled masterpieces


Why is it that some people are so good at using emojis and others (uhm, like me) can't seem to put a colon, a period, and an open-parenthesis-bracket together to save their life?

And why is it that some people can add emojis to everything (texts, emails, Instagram posts, tweets) while others (uhm, like me) still can't figure out how to get those "thumbs up!" and "heartssssss" to show up?

I have no answers for those important questions, but I do have this: a fun app called "Emojify" that can emoji-fy (<--yes, I just used "emoji" as a verb) your photos. I'm not sure if being emoji-challenged is what made me fall in love with this emoji-app, or if my love of Chuck Close's (non-emoji) art is at the root of my app-obsession, but the bottom line is that it makes using emoji as easy as applying an Instagram filter. And even I can do that....





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