By Kimberly Mikesh

5 single-serve, no-bake desserts you can make (and eat) in 5 minutes

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Craving something sweet and need it now? Look no further. 

1) "The One" Chocolate Mug Cake Perfect when you're looking to crush that chocolate craving in under 3 minutes. 

"The One" Chocolate Mug Cake, easy desserts, no bake desserts

(via BudgetBytes)

2) 4-Ingredient Blondie for One It's a good thing this is only meant to serve one, 'cause there is no way we're sharing.

4-ingredient blondie for one, easy desserts, no bake desserts

(via Carrots 'N' Cake)

3) Gluten & Dairy-free Cookie Dough Don't let the name fool you. While lacking in gluten and dairy, nothing else is lacking here.

Gluten & Dairy-Free Cookie Dough, easy desserts, no bake desserts 

(via Carrots 'N' Cake)

4) Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Did someone say, ice cream?  Oh, we're in!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

(via Christine Robyn

5) One minute Blueberry Cobbler When you don't have time for a pie, but feel like eating one, stat.

One minute blueberry cobbler

(via Snappy Gourmet)

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