By Laura Zigman

Yes, your dog’s feet really do smell like Fritos and other crazy facts


Every now and then, things happen in life that make us think we’re crazy. But then we find an article about true crazy facts and we realize that while we might indeed be crazy, it’s not for the reason we think. Here are 10 things that make us feel like we’re crazy but are actually actual things:

1. Yes, your dog’s feet really do smell like Fritos. 


2. Yes, cilantro really does tastes like soap.

3. Yes, the sound of people eating really is really annoying:

4. Yes, some shoes really are totally ugly:

5. Yes, some muffins really are too big for breakfast:

6.  Yes, you’re not the only one who’s lied about having read Great Expectations. (And The Fountainhead. And The Hobbit. And…)

7. Yes, cats really do hate people.

8. Yes, clowns really are creepy (and coulrophobia really is a thing).

9. Yes, that feeling you get using Q-tips in your ears really does make the world disappear.


10. Yes, laughing and crying really is the same release.

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