By Kimberly Mikesh

5 tips to help you love your job (even if you don't)

Let's face it. We can't all have endless depths of love for our jobs. Sometimes they're A means to a (very important) end. But there absolutely are ways to make your time at your not-dream-job more dreamy. Or at least tolerable. While your boss might drive you nuts and your coworkers might drag you down, the most important defense you have against negativity is you, so wield your own power of positivity with wild abandon and you'll be amazed at just how awesome it can be.

1. Be an office hero

No day ever started badly with free coffee and donuts. And when coworkers are well fed and properly caffeinated they're happier. And being around positive people will, in turn, make your work life that much more awesome.

2. Make it personal

Your space, that is! Pops of color, a framed photo of a loved one, motivational words or something silly to make you smile when you need it most will go a long way towards making your cubicle less of a prison and more of a creative, energizing work space.

3. Keep a happy file

Few things are less exciting than organizing our inboxes, but having a go-to folder for emails that make you smile is a blessing on those terrible, awful, not good, very bad days. Whether it's the hilarious dog videos your coworker sent you or an email where someone called you out for your awesomeness, having those on hand for quick reference can turn a bad day from spiraling out of control and remind you what really matters. Plus, you'll know exactly where to start when it comes time to do your personal evaluation for your performance review. Did someone say "raise"?!

4. Keep secrets

Forget work gossip, we're talking about the best possible type of secrets -- fun surprises! If you have to be at work you might as well make it an adventure. So the next time your work bestie (or nemesis!) gets up to go to a meeting, make like a non-seasonal Secret Santa and drop some anonymous awesome on them.

5. Lead by example

Ever been under the influence of an oppressive dictator boss? Yeah, it sucks. And sometimes it's inevitable. But what you can control is you. Wow 'em with your upbeat, positive attitude, and while it's super helpful to be the one identifying possible pitfalls that your team might face, be there to also point out the highlights. You know, that whole "you catch more flies with honey than vinegar" thing.

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