By Kimberly Mikesh

5 hacks that will make you look forward to the next rainy day

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Rain, rain go away! Well, not any more.  Rainy days don’t have to mean grey, gloomy bummer days. In fact, you can make them something to actually look forward to with these 5 simple hacks:

1) Dry feet = happy feet: Galoshes are where it’s at! Make a splash with bright colors, fun patterns and bows. (Because yes, feet should not be left out of the accessory fun.)



2) Make an umbrella statement: Stand out from the crowd and embrace the dreariness with an umbrella that will brighten your day and the day of anyone lucky enough to cross your path.



3) Dress to express: Donning a plain black trenchcoat might be fine for secret spy missions, but rainy days call for something way more fun.


4) Messy hair, don’t care: Wet yucky days are not the time to invest in hair perfection, so instead, embrace the messy bun. It’s chic and takes less than one minute to do, thanks to this easy tutorial. #wokeuplikethis and (practically) mean it.


5) Singin’ in the rain: A grey, blah day calls for an upbeat playlist. Throw a few of your own personal power songs on there and rock out.

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