By Nataly Kogan

Why you should take joy breaks

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When you're going through a challenging time -- like we all are right now, amidst the Coronavirus pandemic -- it might seem like doing something that brings you joy is a luxury or an extra you can't really think about.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Joy is your fuel. 

Taking time to practice self-care, to do something that brings you joy, that feels restful and fueling, is not a luxury, but your responsibility to yourself and everyone you care about.

Research shows that taking just a 10-15 minute break during the day helps you to feel more productive, motivated, and resilient. 

Taking a break and doing something for joy is an investment in your strength to help you keep going through life storms.

Last week, I loved leading a Well-Being and Watercolor webinar for our Happier community, where we talked about the importance of taking joy breaks and did some watercolor painting together!

Here's the recording:

I loved sharing how watercolor painting helps me to take joy breaks but even more, I've loved seeing some of the watercolors folks created along with me during the webinar. 

I'm excited to share just a few of them here and hope they inspire you to take your own joy breaks and do something that fuels you!





Next up: Why I paint (aka finding my flow)

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