By Laura Zigman

5 tiny work spaces that will make you never want to go to the office again

Downsizing, micro-apartments, the whole Tiny House movement -- it's all about using space and materials in the most economically- and environmentally-sound ways. Now the tiny-trend has moved to the home office. If you're daydreaming about having a tiny space to call your own -- for your home business, a writing room, an art studio, or just a quiet place to read and think -- take a look at these "shedquarters." We guarantee the thought-bubble "less is way more awesome" will appear over your head:

 1. Write that novel here...

home office design

...or here.

home office design

home office design

(By Kanga Room.)  

2. Get a tiny room with a view...

...and a dog...

home office design

(By Modern Spaces

3. Best. Conference. Room. Everrrrrr. 

home office design

(By MetroShed)

4. Have to stay late at the office? No problem!

 (By KitHaus)

5. Read Little House on the Prairie in this little house on the prairie. (By Weehouse.)

home office design


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