By Nataly Kogan

Be the person who cheers the loudest

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Last week, my family and I went to see the ballet while visiting St. Petersrburg, Russia. And something happened that reminded me just how powerful it can feel to be supported when you’re struggling.

A few minutes into the second act, one of the ballerinas tripped and fell down.

The audience gasped.

She looked startled and then tried to smile as she gained her composure and got back up. You could see the shock in her face.

And then the audience started screaming BRAVO and clapping louder than I’ve ever heard in my life.

It felt like we were literally trying to lift up the ballerina so she could keep going -- and she did!

I can only imagine how difficult this experience was for her. I’ve been to the ballet dozens of times and have never seen anyone fall. And she was one of the principal dancers in one of the top ballet companies in the world.

I also know that our clapping and yelling "bravo" to support her didn’t wipe out her disappointment for falling. I know she is probably still reliving that moment over and over.

But the reaction of the audience was so powerful and so heartfelt that I hope it helped her just a tiny bit.

And in that moment, I was reminded about just how good it feels to offer support to someone, to cheer someone who is down to help them get back up.

Be the person who cheers the loudest! The one who is the first to offer support when someone is down.

It will help the other person and you will feel amazing doing it.

Because kindness feels so awesome when your intent is simply to support or elevate someone else without expecting anything in return.

be the person who cheers the loudest

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