By Laura Zigman

Science says eating ice cream really does make you happier

It's a great day when you Google "Does eating ice cream make you happier?" and see this:

OK, so some of the articles are more than a few years old, from British sources, and even from the (biased) website of a big ice cream company, but we'll take it. Because if there's even a tiny smidgeon of neuroscience that proves eating ice cream makes us happier, that's good enough for us.

Of course, there's all the fat and sugar and calories to consider before making it more than an occasional treat, but on those really bad days that call for extraordinary curative measures -- or truly great days that should be capped off by nothing short of one of the best desserts on the planet -- we have four words for you:

1. Eat

2. Some

3. Ice

4. Cream

(Watch this short video if you want help with ice-cream-cone-sticker-shock:)

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