By Laura Zigman

Nietzsche was right: “Without music life would be a mistake.”

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Teenagers have always known the best way out of a bad mood: Run upstairs away from everyone else, slam the door as hard as you can, put some music on with the volume up to 11, then sink into a beanbag chair until all (or most) of the angst and misery has left the building. Since time began, music has calmed the soul, but now we have scientific proof that it does way more that: it's one of the best ways to reduce stress, reduces anxiety, improves cognitive function, and even helps you recover more quickly from surgery. If it can do all that, imagine what it can do to improve a slightly “meh” day! To find out more (and to justify a future purchase of some awesome new headphones), here are 15 Amazing Effects Music Has On Your Health.


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