By Nataly Kogan

10 desktop organizers and accessories guaranteed to rock your world

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I’m a firm believer that you should invest some energy into making every space where you spend significant time one that you can enjoy. If your desk at work -- or in your home office -- looks drab or disorganized, it’s harder to get into an inspired and productive groove and get your stuff done. Invest a few dollars into fun desk organizers and blast your space with a bit of color with some inexpensive desk accessories and you’ll start your days on a brighter note.

Poppin Orange Super Stacked

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Bright and orange: that’s enough for me! This desk organizer is light, stackable, and comes with the following items included: Set of 2 Orange Letter Trays, Orange Medium Accessory Tray, Orange Softie This + That Tray, Orange Pen Cup, Set of 12 Orange Signature Ballpoint Pens with Black ink. Awesome. ($55 at Poppin)

Umbra Grassy Pen Organizer

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Holds anything, from pens, to scissors, to other random objects floating around your desk. Available in green or white. ($8.99 at Container Store)

Big Head Memo Pad

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A much more fun way to leave those reminders to yourself -- or others. ($25 at UncommonGoods)

Cordies Desktop Cord Manager

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Is there anything more annoying than a tangle of cords on your desk? (Of course there is, but it’s one of my least favorite things.) This cord organizer doesn’t take a ton of room, adds a burst of color, and works for my phone charger, laptop charger, and two other cords. ($4.99 at Quirky)

Stress Cupcake: Squeezable Stress Relief

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To be honest, I’d rather be eating them, but this is a healthier way to “consume” a cupcake -- by squeezing it when you need some ASAP stress relief. ($6.95 at

Knock Knock 5 Days a Week Mousepad

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A mousepad that doubles as a notepad. Quickly jot down appointments or other things you don’t want to forget, without creating a Post-It notes storm on your desk. ($10 at

The Daily Mood Desk Flip Chart

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Not only is this a fun way to tell your colleagues how you’re feeling, but research shows that simply pausing every day to think about your state of mind helps you improve your overall outlook and maintain a positive attitude. ($9.99 at

Gentle Reminders Pencil Set

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I love the little tiny reminders on these pencils -- particularly useful in the middle of a workday where I need to be talked off the stress-ledge. ($12 for a set of 6 on

Heads or Tails Notecard Set

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Not only are you going to want to literally cover your desk with these notecards, but they’re terrific to share with a colleague or a friend. Doing nice things for others makes you happier, but doing nice things for others that involve absolutely the cutest ever drawings of animals wearing clothes will make you the office hero. ($14.99 at

Hey Girl Coffee Mug

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Because getting your coffee delivered to you by Ryan Gosling can’t possibly NOT make you smile. Also, because there is a photo of Ryan Gosling on this mug. (And no, I don’t think you have to be a super-fan to smile when you drink your coffee from it.) ($10 at

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