By Kimberly Mikesh

5 spring cleaning hacks for people who hate cleaning

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Love having a clean house, but hate actually doing it? These hacks will yield maximum returns on seriously minimal effort. Yay, spring!

1) Declutter: Nothing makes a space feel "heavy" like clutter, so ditch it like a bad habit and aim for clean lines and surfaces. Hidden storage will be your BFF on this one.

Hidden Storage for Decluttering

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2) Make it symmetrical: Principles of Feng Shui suggest arranging your bedroom based on symmetry and balance, so make sure you duplicate night stands, lamps and pillows: your room will automatically look completely pulled together and feel more relaxing. 

spring cleaning hacks

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3) Polish your furniture with coconut oil: You've heard about the health benefits of cooking with it and using it for skin, but you may not have heard that you can use it to polish furniture. A little goes a long way and it's an all-natural alternative to "lemon" Pledge. Think less "chemicals" and more "frozen umbrella drink in the sun."

Coconut oil for polishing furniture, spring cleaning hacks

4) Clean with orange-infused vinegar: Half the win of a clean house is that clean house smell... and we're not talking Clorox or Pine Sol. It only takes minutes to make your own orange-infused vinegar which is great for wiping down kitchens and kids' rooms (where it's especially beneficial to go the non-toxic route). 

Orange infused vinegar for cleaning, spring cleaning hacks

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5) Just add plants: Plants not only look great and make your space feel more welcoming, they help purify your air and remove toxins from your environment. And fear not if you're the kind of person who remembers to water their plants only when you're looking at their dead, lifeless remains: Succulents are so low maintenance they practically take care of themselves. 

Just add plants... succulents!, spring cleaning hacks

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