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Thank you for prioritizing your emotional health during this challenging time! I'm excited to share some great virtual Happier resources with you.

Resources, handouts and videos to keep practicing your emotional health skills!

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5 Simple Practices to Boost Your Well-Being During Uncertain Times

Self-Care Commitment Worksheet

Becoming a Better Emotional Ally Guide

10 Practices to Help Employees be Happier

The Happier Method - Overview

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And here's a video where Nataly walks you through the 5-Minute Happier Workout™!

Happier Helps

Nataly virtual keynote 4From free weekly webinars and virtual sessions for healthcare workers to resources on becoming a better emotional ally to people of color, find out how we can support your well-being and emotional health during this extremely challenging time.


For every virtual session we conduct for a company, we give a free session to medical workers. You help us do more good by doing good for your employees!

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Read an excerpt from HAPPIER NOW

Happier Now paperback cover

This isn’t a book about positive thinking, silver linings, or always being happy. This is a book about living fully in good times and bad, and enjoying life more because of it.

In this book, Nataly teaches you how to stop searching for some elusive “big happy” in the future and start finding more joy in everyday moments.

Drawing from science, Eastern traditions, her experience as a refugee, and her own failing search to find lasting happiness through career success, Nataly shares simple practices to help you live happier and have greater resilience when times get tough.

You'll learn how to experience more joy and meaning, boost your “emotional immune system,” and embrace difficult times with compassion and stability.

It’s time for all of us to stop saying, “I’ll be happy when . . .” and start saying, “I’m happy now because . . .”

Read an excerpt from HAPPIER NOW

Elevating Women Leaders

with nataly kogan

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Elevating Women Leaders is a year-long program for women executives and founders, dedicated to cultivating emotional health and people-embracing leadership skills to lead, grow, and thrive in a sustainable way.

Our program includes:

  • Custom curriculum for female executives
  • Nataly’s leadership and dedicated time
  • Science-backed Elevated Leadership skills to help you and the people you lead be at your best
  • A curated group of women leaders
  • Nataly’s leadership and dedicated time
  • Facilitated peer-to-peer support, connection, and accountability

Our next Elevating Women Leaders group and year-long program begins soon!

The Happier Method™

To learn more about how to improve your emotional health with the 5 Core Happier Skills and try out some of our proven, quick practices, visit our Happier Method page. 

Have you seen Nataly's TEDx Talk ?

How a Russian refugee in the U.S. climbed to the top of the corporate ladder, burned out, and changed her life by founding Happier. 

Join our 21-Day Happier Challenge!

On stage Nataly teachingThis video-based, digital course will help you feel more joyful, energized, and better able to handle stressful situations -- in your personal life and at work.

  • Practice the 5 Core Happier Skills through simple yet powerful research-backed exercises
  • Learn how to release stress by embracing it rather than avoiding it
  • Find new ways to recharge and practice self-care in just a few minutes
  • Discover powerful techniques to preserve your inner calm when dealing with difficult people 
  • Learn the 5-Minute Happier Workout you can use at any time for a happier boost

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