By Nataly Kogan

The Gratitude Antidote

You know how little stresses and annoyances we encounter during the day can add up to making us feel like total crap?

Someone cuts us off in traffic. We spill our coffee. The subway doors close right as we run up to them. A colleague makes a rude comment. Car alarm goes off in the middle of our yoga class. You know what I'm talking about.

Because our brains are naturally more drawn to negative stimuli -- and are more sensitive to them, sorry! -- these little annoyances can quickly pull us into a downward spiral. And while I really hate piling on the bad news, research shows that when we're in a bad mood, we're even more likely to get annoyed or stressed out.

But we don't have to let our brain just do its thing; we can pause the negative thinking spiral. In today's Happier Boost video (below) I share one of my favorite ways to do this -- and one of the easiest. I hope you find it helpful and are inspired to give it a try!


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