By Anna Katsnelson

5 awesome ways to wear yellow like a boss

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Odd, but many cultures have negative associations – treachery, but most frequently cowardice - with the color yellow.  Yet yellow takes guts.  Specifically, wearing yellow takes guts. How often have you heard someone (yourself?) mutter in disgruntlement: ‘I don’t look good in yellow?’ 

Often, all too often.

I'm here to convince you to be brave and embrace the yellow as you look to spring fashion. Because yellow, ladies, is no single color, and in its sunny range you will surely find a tonality that will work for you. Yellow, you see, is good, and if you live in climates where a never-ending winter has you running ragged – yellow is especially good for YOU. It promises sunshine in a garment.

We all have a perfect platonic yellow. Mine is acidic, saturated, and bright, kinda like a super ripe Meyer lemon. What's yours? A yolk? A neony brightness? Or a pale, buttery shade? Either way, when contemplating wearing yellow, there is an essential, basic rule of attraction:

The fairer your complexion and hair, the more red in your yellow. More saturated. No pastels for you! Or, in edible metaphors: more yolk (with a side of mustard), less butter.

Two more tips for wearing yellow:

  • Like mustard, yellow works as punctuation, an exclamation point for a look. You can get away with as little as a stripe and no one other than professional catwalk strutters should ever attempt head-to-toe egginess.
  • Yellow and gray are a marriage made in chromatic heaven, but yellow plays well with white and washed-out denim for spring fashion as well

Like so:

Look 1:

Wear this cami with faded jeans and a gray blazer for a casual, yet put together look.

spring fashion


Look 2:

Wear this spring-time sweater with these chinos.

spring fashion

spring fashion

Look 3:

Wear this top with a pair of white jeans for an awesome warm weather look.

spring fashion

Look 4:

This one requires some extra confidence, but this skirt paired with a simple white T, faded jeans jacket and flats, is actually super wearable!


Look 5:

For the not-faint-of-heel:


And for those who prefer a more sedate heel-height:



Anna Katsnelson is a full-time fashion-obsessed mom to two sartorially-controlled children; most-of-the-time academic art historian to scores of sartorially-unformed university students, and part-time stylist to the sartorially-perplexed. (Note: Anna's posts are NOT paid endorsements. These are Anna's honest and personal obsessions.)

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