By Nataly Kogan

Self-care isn't an extra. It's your fuel.

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How often do you catch yourself thinking that you're too busy to take some time just for yourself? Or too guilty?

The truth is, many of us struggle with practicing the skill of self-care because we treat it as an "extra", an indulgence, a special treat we can only give ourselves if we get everything else on our long to-do list accomplished.

But this is backwards thinking. And in this week's Happier Minute video I share with you something that helped me reframe self-care and taking time to do what brings me joy -- and practice it more often!

After you've watched the video, I encourage you to make a quick list of things that fuel you with joy, elevate your spirit, or help you clear your mind and just catch your breath. It's helpful to write these down, even if just on a sticky note or in the Notes app on your phone.

Now, can you pick one of these self-care practices and give yourself 10-30 minutes to practice it this week? This is my challenge to you. (C'mon, even the busiest of us can find 10 minutes in our schedules!)

You might need to add your self-care practice to your to-do list. In fact, I encourage you to do this so that you're less likely to just skip it. And when you take the time to do something that brings you joy, pause for a moment and ask yourself: How do I feel?

Your answer will be an awesome reminder the next time that voice in your head nags that you don't have enough time to pause all the doing and running around and practice taking care of you.

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