By Kimberly Mikesh

25 simple pleasures you can appreciate right this second

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Simple pleasures are just that: simple! Forget fancy and think basic, everyday things that brighten your mood when you take time to notice them. Pro-tip: bookmark this page for those really tough days when small good things in your life are hard to find:

1) Being outside: Fresh air boosts your mood and your vitamin D levels.

2) Seeing someone you love: It doesn't matter if the last time you saw them was 5 weeks or 5 minutes ago. It rocks every time.

3) Being home alone: You hear that? Nope, we didn't either. And it's glorious. 

4) Dancing: Nothing makes dinner taste as delicious as a kitchen dance party while making it.

5) A cup of tea/coffee: Warm drink, warm soul. Although we make an exception for iced coffee based purely on its deliciousness. 

6) Taking a cat nap: Ready, set, close your eyes. Even 5 minutes of quiet time (you don't really need to sleep to enjoy it) can make you feel gloriously recharged.

7) Hearing your favorite song: Because your jam is awesome! (See #4 above).

8) A sunny day after a rainy one: Here comes the sun.... and a little fresh perspective.

9) Not having to set an alarm for the next day: There's something so indulgent about not having a mandatory wake up time (even if you get up early anyway). 

10) Coming home to find a package you ordered online waiting for you: This one falls squarely under the science that anticipating fun things actually makes you happier.

11) Finding money in your pocket that you forgot about: Seriously, it doesn't matter if it's a $1 bill. Best. feeling. Ever. 

12) Seeing a sunrise/sunset: Magic. Every single time.

13) When a website loads really, really fast: Waiting is the pits and getting where we want to be in the blink of an eye is truly incredible.

14) Having a BFF:  Having someone that gets you and that you can share anything with is the best.

15) Reading a chapter of your favorite book: Hello, old friend. Always good to see you.

16) Discovering a new song that you love: And yes, you have full permission to play it on repeat to your heart's content. No judgment.    

17) Sending yourself text messages/emails reminding you to do something: Yep, we're guilty as charged. Better yet, give yourself a laugh later and attach an awesome photo. 

18) Petting your favorite critter: Just petting an animal decreases stress hormones and boosts well-being. Don't have your own? Pet someone else's pet and you'll reap the same benefits.

19) Watching a favorite movie: You can recite the whole thing by heart and annoy everyone around you. Fun! (For you.)

20) Free Wi-Fi: Whether it's firing off an important email or getting that crucial text message to go through, technology is awesome -- especially when it's free.

21) Making someone smile: Increase your own happiness by increasing someone else's.

22) Driving with the windows down, tunes cranked: Celebrate feeling free!

23) Sharing something with someone: Whether it's splitting a snack or a walk outside with a pal, having someone to share it with is awesome. 

24) Cleaning something, even if it's really tiny: Feel the fog of clutter lift around you. Here are 35 ideas to get you started

25) Friday: There's something about Thursday that's exhilarating because it's almost Friday. And then when actual Friday rolls around, oh man: so exciting!!

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