By Nataly Kogan

Permission to be controlling: Granted!

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We’re not trying to be overly bossy or controlling or anything, and we’re not trying to copy Gordon Gecko of Wall Street “Greed is Good” fame, but here’s a quick and easy life tip that will make you a tiny bit happier:

Be more controlling.

Plan something for this week that you can anticipate and look forward to. Anticipation is a big part of enjoyment of an activity and in one experiment, people who just thought about watching a movie they like felt more positive.

So do this, right now. Look at your calendar and actually write down something you will look forward to. Lunch with a friend, a yoga class, 15 minutes to read a book, making time to go get your favorite coffee one morning — what you plan doesn’t have to be anything big, just something that makes you happier.

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