By Kimberly Mikesh

5 affordable ways to upgrade your outdoor space

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You've been cooped up all winter, but warmer temps and more daylight hours mean it's time to take the party outdoors! Whether you have a tiny patio or balcony, or a full backyard for frolicking, you don't have to spend a fortune making it an awesome place to hang. 

1) Shoo Fly: Nothing kills your outdoor vibe like a barrage of unwanted -- and uninvited -- insect guests. Keep them at bay with citronella- and rosemary-infused candles. For serious savings, you can even DIY them. And after dark you get bonus candlelight ambience. 

Outdoor Citronella Candlelight, backyard ideas on a budget

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2) Fauna and Flora: Adding plants is a simple way to liven up your space. Whether you prefer greenery or bright pops of color, rustic planters or something more sleek and modern, putting your green thumb to good use can transform your outdoor gathering. 

easy outdoor plants, backyard ideas on a budget

3) Accessorize ... with palettes: One person's trash is another's treasure has never been so true when it comes to palettes. It's easy to find discarded or otherwise unwanted palettes and transform them into something awesome. Talk about your easiest DIY ever: a fresh coat of paint in your color palate (see what we did there) of choice, and you just got yourself a brand new conversation piece.

Outdoor palette table, backyard ideas on a budget

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4) Pillow Pow Wow: Go nuts with different sizes, colors and textures -- no matchy- matchy required here. And there are plenty of durable outdoor options so you're not running for the patio every time you see a drop of rain in the forecast. 

backyard ideas on a budget

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5) Table top fire pit: Don't have the space for a full on fire pit but want that awesome fireside ambience? Enter the table top fire pit. This project will take you less than 30 minutes to make, will be the talk of the party, plus s'mores! Yes, always s'mores. 

Table Top Fire Pit, backyard ideas on a budget

(via Better Homes and Gardens)

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