By Laura Zigman

If there's anything better than rainbow waffles, we'd like to hear about it

Is there anything cooler, happier, and more fun than rainbow food? We can't think of any. We thought we'd never find anything better than Rainbow Pasta until we saw this over at (by GimmeSomeOven): Rainbow Waffles. The weekend can't come fast enough....


What you'll need:

  • Pancake mix (make your own or use a mix)
  • Gel food coloring (6 colors)
  • Plastic pastry piping bags 
  • Electric waffle maker



1. Divide pancake batter into six bowls (about 1/3 cup each, with more for the "outside" red and orange colors). Add gel food coloring to color each bowl of batter. Don't be afraid to get crazy with the colors. Just make sure you mix the color thoroughly.

rainbow waffles

(Photos via by GimmeSomeOven)

2. This is the hard part (saying it and doing it): Spoon each batter-color into a plastic pastry piping bag. Fold the opening of the bag over a few times and then cut off the tips so that the batter can come out when you squeeze it.

 rainbow waffles

3. Squeeze each color into a pre-heated electric waffle maker. To create the rainbow you see below, start with red, then orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. 


rainbow waffles

4. Serve and enjoy!

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