By Nataly Kogan

Maybe you've done enough - a poem for the overworked

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Nataly red sweaterI was really exhausted the other day and began to write a note to myself... which turned into a poem I want to share with as many people as possible. Actually, I want to scream it as loudly and gently as I can from every rooftop so I can break through the noise of our "hustle, do more, better, faster!" culture that is burning us out.

I've been there -- to the burnout, the darkness, the place from which I didn't think I could come back. After decades of pushing myself to do more, better, faster, I almost lost the ability to do anything.

I found my way back and even though I've learned my lesson, I still fall into the noise from time to time. 

So this poem is a reminder to you and to me:

You are enough.


Maybe today you’ve done enough

And can rest

Even if you haven’t hacked your Inbox to zero

Maybe today you can just enjoy that cookie

Without counting calories

Even if it’s not paleo / vegan / keto friendly

Maybe today you can give less than 150%

And not feel bad

Even if everyone else is “grinding it out”

Maybe today you can just love yourself

Without having to be anything more

Even if the world screams at you to find your best self

Maybe today you can be grateful

For all that you have

Even if it’s not all you’ve ever wanted

Maybe today you can practice your joy

And love every moment

Even if it’s not productive

Maybe today

You can be enough

Because you are.

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