By Laura Zigman

How to verbalize what you can't say

Photo Credit: Ella Frances Sanders,

Every time we threaten to spend less time online, we come across something that seems to justify all the hours we waste there. This is one of those times. “11 Untranslatable Words from Other Cultures,” by Ella Frances Sanders, collects words in different languages that say exactly what we don’t know how to say in our own, including...

Waldeinsamkeit, which is the German word for that feeling when you’re alone in the woods;

Cualacino, which is the Italian word for a ring left on a table by a wet glass;

… and Iktsuarpok, the Inuit word for when you keep looking outside while you’re waiting for someone to arrive.

Click here for the remaining 8 words articulating universal thoughts and feelings you’ve never quite had words for before. We promise they won’t make you feel any depaysement, which is French for the feeling you get when you’re not in your own country. (And this is one time we recommend reading all the comments; there are many more amazing words there, too.)

P.S. It’s also a book:

Photo This infographic provided courtesy of Maptia.

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