By Nataly Kogan

Finding joy in the "moments in-between"

Recently I realized that I was constantly rushing through the “moments in-between” or simply waiting for the next event/ to-do on my schedule to arrive:

 - Driving from yoga class back home, I noticed my mind was willing the car in front to go faster so I could get on with my to-do list.

 - Waiting for the train, I noticed my mind already thinking about the meeting I was going to.

I can keep going. 

These “moments in-between” are so easy to treat as means to an end. But they turn into hours and days and weeks and months that we simply spend leaning into the future, rushing, waiting.

But we have a choice: To find tiny ways to actually savor those moments.

To take a few breaths.

To arrive where we are.

To play some fun music or listen to a book or notice something beautiful.

This is a simple but huge thing to do. It shifts your internal emotions al experience and gives you joy and resilience.

Next time you have a “moment in-between” can you find a tiny way to savor it, to fuel or reset in some way?

Take time to savor the “moments in-between” — between meetings, kid pickups, yoga poses. It will shift the fabric of your life and your experience of it, I promise.

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