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Five 3-ingredient healthy meal ideas that are almost too easy

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healthy meal ideas

You need food, you need it now, and you need it to not make you feel guilty in the morning. Check, check and check!  Look no further for some super easy and healthy meal ideas than right here:

1) Avocado Kale Salad When life gives you lemons, make this salad! The acidity in the lemons will help break down the kale, making it less bitter and more awesome.

You'll need: Avocado, kale, lemon and 5 minutes.

Avocado Kale Salad, healthy meal ideas 

(via The Clean Dish)

2) Mac & Cheese A comfort food favorite gone light, fast and easy.

You'll need: pasta (your choice!), cheese, (your choice!), unsweetened almond milk and 10 minutes.

Mac & Cheese, healthy meal ideas

(via Sweetest Kitchen)

3) Black Bean Soup Give yourself 5 gold stars for nutrition when you serve up this soup: it's high in fiber, protein, iron and awesome. 

You'll need: black beans, chicken broth (or veggie broth), diced tomatoes and 20 minutes. 

Black Bean Soup, healthy meal ideas

(via Honey and Birch)

4) French Market Chicken with Herbed Potatoes Budget-friendly alert! This can easily feed a family of four for under $15. 

You'll need: one whole chicken, Yukon gold or red-skinned potatoes, one bunch of fresh herbs (such as rosemary, thyme or sage) and 45 minutes. 

healthy meal ideas, French Market Chicken with Herbed Potatoes

(via Refinery29)

5) Tuna Steak with Spaghetti Squash  Spiralizing is all the rage, but no veggie makes it easier to imagine you're eating pasta than the spaghetti squash. 

You'll need: Tuna steaks, spaghetti squash, garlic and 45 minutes. Note: most of this is roasting time, so don't be scared!

Tuna steak with spaghetti squash, healthy meal ideas

(via Peas love carrots)

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