By Laura Zigman

8 awesome women to inspire you on days when you feel "old"

We all have them. Days when we feel "old." Stress, fatigue, and any kind of emotional malaise can make us feel like we're already past our prime, even when our best years may still be ahead of us! Like so many other things in life, age is relative:  beauty and energy and style can be found no matter how old we are.

So next time you're having an "I feel old!" moment, take a look at these 7 inspiring women who are all over 60 (and a few of them are way over 60).  We're sure they'll inspire you to feel young again.

1. Interior designer Iris Apfel (93 years old): 

(And watch the trailer of "Iris," the new documentary about her:)

2. Actress Helen Mirren (69 years old):

3. Martha Stewart (73 years old):

4. Meryl Streep (65 years old):

(from "The Devil Wears Prada")

5. & 6. Jane Fonda (77 years old) and Lily Tomlin (75 years old):


7. Singer Joni Mitchell (71 years old):

(Image courtesy of Hedi Slimane/Saint Laurent)

8. Author Joan Didion (80 years old):

{Image courtesy of Celiné}


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