By Kimberly Mikesh

10 ways to procrastinate productively

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Your time is valuable, so use that procrastination time to be semi-productive. You'll get something done while succeeding at avoiding real work (for now). Sometimes just getting a couple of really tiny to-dos off of your mental checklist is all you need to get seriously motivated for the big stuff. So, a few tips for how to be more productive while you procrastinate(!):

1) Back up your recent photos, documents and important files: Knowing that your tech is disaster preparedness ready is a weight lifted off of your shoulders.

2) Clean out your inbox: While inbox zero is a great ideal to aspire to, spending a few minutes each week organizing, filing and archiving your email messages will make opening up your email each morning a lot less painful and a lot more Zen.

how to be more productive

Is there a more glorious sight in all the land? (via Visibility)

3) Watch a TED Talk:  Spending a few minutes to learn something new or be inspired is a great use of time. Here are some of our favorites on how to be happier and how to feel closer as a family to get you started. 

4) Listen to an educational podcast: There's tons of great stuff over at iTunes U and NPR

5) Pick out a new wallpaper: We're not talking interior design -- we're talking about refreshing your home screen image on your favorite device. A fresh look often brings a fresh perspective along with it. Not sure where to start? This Dress Your Tech series makes it tough to pick just one!

how to be more productive

(Via Design Love Fest)

6) Create a productivity playlist: For a bonus, play it on shuffle. The anticipation of which killer song will come on next is too fun to pass up. And if you don't have time to create your own, using a service like Pandora to discover new music based on artists that you dig, works too. 

7) Clean something: It doesn't have to be a big undertaking like going through an entire closet. Think small. Really small. Here are 35 teeny tiny things to clean that will make you ridiculously happy and won't take more than a few minutes.

8) Read the news: We've got so much going on in our own lives that it can be tough to stay on top of what's going on the rest of the world. But staying informed and trying to understand what's happening in far-reaching corners of the world is important. Take a few minutes to read beyond the headlines and to think beyond your own backyard.

9) Learn something new: Never before has learning been so accessible. Whether you want to brush up on math skills at Khan Academy, learn a new language or try your hand at meditation, there's an online course for you. Many are free and require only a few minutes a day. A worthwhile investment in your future. 

10) Surprise yourself: Perfect for those days when you're indecisive. Enter Wikipedia's random article function. See you down the rabbit hole!

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