By Heather Eigler

5 quick ways to erase all traces of the winter sads

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Winter is over and that alone makes me happy, but when I look around my home at everything that needs to be done after a very long and very cold winter, I wonder if I’ll be able to do it with a smile remaining on my face. But these 5 simple fixes will erase all traces of the winter sads and get you and your house ready for the good vibes of spring:

1. Wash windows:

Grimy windows can keep out that glorious sunshine. Give them a good going over and you'll be amazed at how much more light comes in.

2. Refresh linens:

I opened my linen closet the other day and realized how old, dingy and threadbare my towels were. A quick trip to pick up some springy green colored towels brings color and softness to our home. Now, when I open up the closet I’m greeted with a pretty scene. Bonus?  Add a lavender sachet here and there to up the happy factor.

3. Dote on your indoor plants:

Plants bring an organic, lively feel to any space but when is the last time you paid them any attention outside of giving them a drink?  Clean up any dead leaves, dust off containers and hangers, and re-pot any that need a bigger space. Your happy plants will return the favor with new growth.

4. Donate good quality items

If you have stuff kicking around that never gets used, round it up and clear it out. Donating gently used items gives back to your community and you win twice. Less clutter, more good will.

5. Add Art

A new piece of art doesn’t have to break the bank. Search the web for a free printable and tuck one into an inexpensive frame. Or look for something that speaks to you in a thrift store. A bright, new piece of beautiful art will bring on a smile.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a huge, thankless job. It’s about a few little things that can bring in a bit of happiness and getting them done bit by bit as time allows. Next weekend I’m getting the windows looked after. I can’t wait for all the happy sunshine to pour in!

Heather Eigler is a long time blogger (10+ years!) and social media enthusiast. She lives and works out of her home just west of Calgary with her husband and two small children.  

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