By Kimberly Mikesh

15 ways to say "thank you" that will instantly make someone's day

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Saying "thank you" is one of the easiest and most simple ways to show gratitude. This small act of kindness is a powerful tool that's constantly at your disposal, so use it often and see how the act of thanking makes you feel as awesome as being thanked!

1) Write a note: So few people put pen to paper these days that when you do, it's truly something meaningful and memorable.

2) Take a photo: Can't capture how you feel in words? Take a smiling selfie and send it along. The best part? Smiling is contagious, so pass it on!

3) Take initiative: Whether it's giving your colleague a break and running that meeting that no one feels like leading or giving your spouse the night off by cooking AND doing the dishes, these small acts of kindness make you come up big at clutch times.

4) Do what you do best: Everyone has skills, so use 'em! Love cooking? Make a meal and drop it off for a pal. Love kids? Offer to babysit so your bestie can treat herself to a haircut. And doing more of what you love makes you happier, too.

5) Give presence: In harried, frantic times, getting someone's 100% undivided attention is a luxury. Show someone how much you care by truly listening to them.

6) Be sneaky: Leave a fun surprise somewhere totally unexpected. Studies show that variations to normal routine make us happier -- and that goes double when it's an awesome surprise thank you.

7) Get creative: Exercising your own creativity no matter how lacking you feel it is, is a sure-fire happiness booster. So make a thank-you poster and craft-bomb your colleague's drab cube or your kid's bedroom door. We're betting they'll love them so much your creations will become part of the permanent decor. 

8) Make a playlist: We totally miss having excuses to make a mix tape for Every. Single. Event. But you can still make someone's day by putting together a custom playlist. And thanks to tools like Spotify it doesn't cost a thing and it's crazy-easy.

9) Make a toast: This works even if you hate public speaking. It can be as simple as sitting down in the cafeteria with your work BFF and informing them that you have a brief announcement before you start eating. Taking the time to share a few kind words, even between just the two of you, will make them feel amazing.

10) Show them some love: This means different things for different people, but taking off on a long walk with the dog and kids and giving them some you-time speaks much louder than some flashy gift.

11) Make a video: Our smartphones are rarely further than an arm's reach away so turn the camera on yourself and shoot a short (or silly!) video for someone you love. That way they can play and replay your kind words to their heart's content. 

12) Reciprocate: Anything someone has done for you, you can do too, so throw some kindness and thoughtfulness right back at 'em (in the nicest way possible).

13) Pay it forward: To know that someone's kindness towards you inspired your kindness towards others is a true reward. Is there a special charity or cause your pal is passionate about? Take action in their honor and your "thank you" will mean the world to them.

14) Make cookies: Few people can resist homemade cookies, so sleuth out their favorites and make (and bake) their day.

15) Write a poem: How many people get custom-made poetry these days? Not many! It doesn't need to rhyme or follow rules. It just needs to make them know how awesome they are and how much they're appreciated.

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