By Kimberly Mikesh

15 affordable luxuries for when you need a pick me up

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The little things really do make all the difference. Doing something nice for yourself is a great way to turn a bad day around, and we’re here to tell you that treating yourself to a pick me up doesn’t have to break your bank or your new healthy eating habit. Here are 15 affordable little luxuries guaranteed to brighten your day for under $5: 

1) Add some whimsy to your day. Guaranteed to make you smile. 

Monster Bag Clips - $4.00


2) Art is an escape and a wonderfully meaningful way to step outside of reality if even for a moment. Your ticket to that kind of instant-vacation? These adorable mini fine art journals. Bonus points if you use your journal to write down 3 positive things each day that make you happier.

fine art mini-journal

Fine art journal - $2.95

3) Do you need new hair ties? Probably not. But are they super fun and a great way to give yourself a burst of positive energy? Absolutely! Even if your hair isn’t long enough to necessitate tying back, they make adorable bracelets.

Hair ties - $3.50

4) No need to make the time or spend the money on a manicure. Just grab these sparkly gems and give yourself an in-home bedazzling that will amp up any look. 

Nail jewels

Nail jewels - $3.99

5) You know who's awesome? You are. So post this on your cubicle wall and share your awesome with the world. 

you are so incredibly awesome

You are so incredibly awesome wall art - $4.95

6) Give yourself the rush of a spa facial without the major expense. Indulge in these crushed garnet stones which will leave your skin feeling bright, soft, and smooth -- and your wallet intact.

Microderm abrasion

Vitamin C Microdermabrasion - $1.95 

7) Embrace your inner bad girl without the permanent commitment. Temporary tattoos have gone upscale and we love this one. And the best part? They come in packs of 2, so keep one for yourself and give one away. You’ll get a double dose of good vibes.

be happy temp tattoo

Temporary Tattoo $6 for 2

8) The absolute in DIY for 2015 is here. And the possibilities are as endless with so many available colors and styles. Check out a few of our favorite washi-inspired walls here.

Washi tape

Washi tape - $1.95 

9) Sometimes the ultimate indulgence is to be waited on. And when an actual butler isn’t an option (Seriously? Are they still a thing?) just having someone make you a cup of tea or coffee can be perfection. Better yet, enjoy a few moments of solitude while you savor every sip.

Coffee/Tea - $2-$5 

10) ‘Don’t change’ change purse. Get it? For less than $4 you absolutely should. And when you do you’ll carry this positive mantra as well as your loose coins.

you're beautiful, don't change

You’re beautiful, don’t change coin purse - $3.99 

11) Few things can transform a room like a single vibrant flower and a bud vase. Treat yourself to a fresh bloom and watch your positive outlook blossom. 


Fresh flowers - $2-$5 

12) Coconut oil is the in health trend and we don’t see why our lips should be left out of the matter. It’s like a mini island get away in a tube.alba botanicals lip balm

Coconut Lip Balm - $2.99 

13) There’s nothing quite like the promise that a fresh, untouched box of crayons can bring. It’s scientifically proven that being creative makes you happier, so go ahead, color outside the lines.


Crayons - $2.89 

14) Celebrating everything! No need to save the party decor for a special occasion. Pump up the fun factor at your desk with this constant reminder that it really is the little things that make us happier.

Festive party garland

Party Garland - $5 

15) Use this divinely scented, soy-based candle as a reminder to slow down and be present.

Paddwax candle

Paddywax mini-tin candles - $5.00

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