By Kimberly Mikesh

9 unicorn-inspired decor ideas that you absolutely need for your home

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While the legend of the unicorn dates back to the Middle Ages, the unicorn as a modern design element has had quite a renaissance lately. Here are the ten unicorn items we love the most. And need. Like now. 

1) When you need to tell someone how much you really care and nothing seems to express the depths of your desire, use the “you’re better than unicorns” pen. 

Unicorn Decor

Link: Papersource

2)  Hang time. This unicorn combines fashion and function. The complete package right in your doorway. 

Link: ModCloth

3) Don’t look now, but there’s a unicorn hiding in your shower. Getting ready in the morning just got way more awesome.

Link: Cafepress

4) We have no idea what unicorn lip butter is made from, but we want some.

Link: Etsy

5) PETA-approved taxidermy. Who knew that all it takes to turn fantasy into reality is some recycled cardboard?

Link: Uncommon Goods

6) Life advice in the form of a pillow. We approve. 

Link: Etsy

7) Unicorn pride + 80’s style = off the hook.

Link: Etsy

8) Keep your beverage of choice cold, keep the baby’s bottle warm...the possibilities are endless.

Link: Freaker

9) Baking cookies? Pretty standard. Baking unicorn shaped cookies? It’s a party.

Link: Etsy

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