By Kimberly Mikesh

10 tiny things you can do for others to make the world a little bit more awesome

Random acts of kindness have the power to transcend all. And being on the receiving end OR the giving end will absolutely make your day. The whole world is looking for a beacon of hope that things really will be okay (they will), so make like Rihanna and "Shine Bright Like a Diamond" -- the whole world will be better for it.

1) Hold the door: The simple act of holding the door for someone will not go unnoticed. We've all had a few too many doors slammed on us to not notice the ones that don't.

random acts of kindness

2) Say "bless you": No one likes sneezing in public, so soften the blow (see what we did there?) with a kind, "bless you" even -- and especially! -- to strangers! Sure, you might expect the dude in the cubicle next to you to utter those two tiny words, but it's really not expected from the person sitting next to you on the train. Be that person.

3) Pay it forward: Pay for the car behind you in the drive through. You'll be out a few bucks and they'll be on Cloud 9. Totally worth it. And who knows? You might just start a trend.

4) Save them a trip: Getting up to go to the printer to retrieve your goods? Deliver printout and copies idly sitting there to your co-workers. They'll smile. You'll smile. It's all good.

random acts of kindness

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5) Let them go: The simple act of letting someone have your place in line might cost you 2 minutes, but it'll mean the world to the person who's not feeling well and just wants to get home. That's a chance always worth taking.

6) Perform shopping cart valet: Help someone that needs it by offering to return their shopping cart for them. Or see one abandoned in the parking lot? Be a hero; return it. Good parking lot karma will be yours.

Shopping cart valet

(via 1000 awesome things)

7) Fill it up: Fill up someone's gas tank when they least expect it. Bonus karma points if it's below a quarter tank.

8) Leave a note: The next time you're in a public restroom, leave an encouraging note on the mirror. "Smile, you're beautiful." is a sure-fire winner. Or be creative.

9) Be a positivity-ninja: Stick googly-eyes in unexpected places. It's 100% acceptable to linger and wait for the smiles.

Googly eye bomb

(via Eye Bombing)

10) Wave to a little kid: There are few things better than being stuck in traffic with a school bus for this one. Step 1 ) Make eye contact. Step 2) Smile and wave. This is a two-way street of awesomeness. 


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