By Kimberly Mikesh

3 ways to make Valentine’s Day awesome for your single coworkers.

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Sigh. Whether you’ll be donning red and indulging in all the day has to offer, or you think the only ones truly in love are the greeting card and chocolate companies, we all have a coworker who cleans up on Valentine’s Day. You know the type: the steady stream of roses, balloons, teddy bears, and singing telegrams arriving at their desk. All. Day. Long.

One person’s love-fest can be a loveless person’s nightmare. That’s where you come in -- here are 3 things you can do to help a colleague who’s still looking for that special someone feel awesome on one of the toughest days of the year to be single:

  1. Be The Coffee Elf: Pick up their morning-beverage-of-choice and have it waiting for them on their desk when they arrive. It’s pretty tough to be down on a day when the coffee elf has paid a visit!

  2. Mess up their desk: Science tells us that being creative and doing nice things for others are two actions that makes us significantly happier, so earn double points for this one. Do something fun and festive to their work area -- whether it’s crepe paper and balloons or something way harder to clean up like a giant glitter bomb, let them know that you care enough to make a big mess all over their desk to distract them from other people’s flowers.

  3. Be their (ironic) Valentine: Bring them one of those cheesy teddy bears holding a red rose or a small heart-shaped box of cheap drugstore chocolates. Attach a romantic card with all the corny words crossed out and replaced with better words that have nothing to do with being in love and everything to do with being a love at work. (Bonus: Tell them they’re your favorite and they’ll definitely share their crappy chocolate with you!)

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