By Kimberly Mikesh

10 things you DON'T need to be happier

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We're all for simplification, so streamline your pursuit of happiness by eliminating the things that take you off track.  

1) Comparing yourself to others: You're probably picking top performers to measure yourself by, which means you're probably never going to come out on top. Ditch the comparisons and focus instead on where you are and where you want to go.

2) Control: News flash. You cannot control everything and everyone so stop trying.

3) Always being in a good mood: It's not about being super happy all the time. It's about making the best of whatever situation you're currently in and moving forward.

4) Getting along all the time: Your relationships don't need to be all sunshine and roses to be good ones. It's knowing how to work through and move beyond your disagreements that make a truly solid foundation. 

5) Being perfect: You know all those people you think are perfect? They're not. They screw up and so do you. Unless  you're friends with a lot of robots in which case, cool -- please introduce us 'cause robots are awesome.

6) Big happy things: It may feel like you need that car, or that house, or that promotion at work, but you don't. Those big giant things are great if you can get them, but they'll bring you fleeting happiness at best and you can absolutely be happier without them. 

7) Guarantees: We've all heard that phrase, "Nothing in life is guaranteed." Well, it's true, so stop expecting certainties. Learning to be flexible and go with the flow will make you much, much happier in the long run. 

8) Money: Sure, money can make you happier, but the trick is spending it on others instead of on yourself. 

9) To be the best:  It may seem like excelling at your craft is the key to happiness, but balance is even better. Being the best at a given thing means a lot of sacrifice along the way. And while we're all for hard work and dedication, it's best spread out through various aspects of your life. Being well rounded is the name of the game.

10) Pleasing everyone else: Hey, you count too! And if you base your self-worth on making everyone else happier there's not going to be much left for you. And spoiler alert: when you're happy you'll make the people around you happier, too. 



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