By Kimberly Mikesh

10 note cards so cool you'll want to start writing letters immediately

Nothing beats opening up your mailbox and finding something that isn't a bill. Even better when it's a handwritten note from your bestie. Putting pen to paper and writing out our thoughts is a rarity in today's digital on-the-go world, so we've curated the 10 cards we'd love to see most in our mailboxes. (And yes, don't worry, you can order them online.)

1) You're totally awesome: A little geek, a little chic and yes, totally awesome.

You're totally awesome notecard

(via Idlewild Co)

2) Thank you so very much: There's no special occasion needed to say "thank you" to someone. And when you do, their day will be made. 

Thank you so very much, note cards

(via Rifle Paper Co)

3) Happy Notes: How could we resist these?! We can't. 

Happy Notes, note cards

(via Tokketok)

4) Hello:  From the mouths of unicorns. We <3 unicorns


(via Seventy Tree)

5) Let them eat cake: Yes, please!

note cards, Happy Cake Day

(via Ruby Wren Designs)

6) Just peachy: Calling all Southern belles!

note cards, You're a peach

(via Quill and Fox)

7) Facebook Friends: You know you're more than just that when you can remember someone's actual birthday.

note cards, Facebook Friends

(via Paper Source

8) Gentleman Hare: A bunny in spectacles? We're in.

note cards, Gentleman Hare

(Via Good Paper)

9) BFFs for life: For your one true partner in crime.

note cards, BFFs for life

(via Farewell Paperie

10) Solid gold: Shine on, friend.

note cards, Solid gold

(via The Social Type)

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