By Kimberly Mikesh

10 healthy snacks that aren't boring

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Will you be ready when that mid-afternoon slump hits? Just back away from the cookies and hit up one of these winners for a guaranteed energy boost that won't leave you crashing back down into a non-productive food coma.

1) Tomato with feta and olive oil

Bonus boost: Olive oil. This healthy fat is great for skin, too.

healthy snacks

(via Women's Health)

2) Popcorn

Bonus boost: Add a sprinkle of parmesan and pepper for some serious flavor along with your fiber.

healthy snacks

3) Fresh berries

Bonus boost: Fiber and antioxidants for the win!

healthy snacks

4) Carrots and hummus

Bonus boost: Get one serving of veggies + lean, plant-based protein.

healthy snacks

5) The one minute antipasto plate

Bonus boost: Calcium is the name of the game.

healthy snacks

(via Real Simple)

 6) Cucumbers and cream cheese

Bonus boost: Cucumbers make an awesome guilt-free vessel. 

healthy snacks

(via Made by a Princess)

7) Banana and almond butter

Bonus boost: Potassium + protein = you won't be hungry again in 15 minutes.

healthy snacks

(via Popsugar)

8) Hard boiled egg

Bonus boost: Serious protein with natural self-contained storage system for easy on -the-go snacking.

healthy snacks

9) Dark chocolate

Bonus boost: Antioxidants, flavonols, and it's just awesome

healthy snacks

10) Cottage cheese + your fave fruit

Bonus boost: B-complex vitamins, healthy fats and fiber.

healthy snacks





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