You are an Awesome Human!

Join the movement that celebrates your humanness (not perfection!) -- and gives you the tools to struggle less, thrive more, and embrace your Awesome Human!

The Awesome Human Project - the book!

This is the book we all need right now to help us break free from burnout, struggle less and thrive more!

AHP small 3d coverFilled with simple, science-backed practices and Nataly’s contagious energy, The Awesome Human Project will teach you how to create a more supportive relationship with yourself, your thoughts and emotions and other people, so you can become the Awesome Human you’re meant to be! 

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The Awesome Human Project is a book that you DO, not just read. It includes:

  • Nataly’s proven science-backed 5-week program to boost your emotional fitness
  • Bite-sized neuroscience lessons so you can be the boss of your brain
  • What awesome leaders do differently and why it matters
  • Tangible practices to help you manage stress and overwhelm
  • Ways to get rid of guilt around self-care for good
  • An “SOS” section to get you unstuck right now
  • Nataly’s wildly popular “Notes to Self” to inspire and support your progress
  • Awesome Human Awards!

The Awesome Human Podcast and live weekly show!

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Hosted by Nataly Kogan, this weekly show — both a podcast and live on Zoom — is all about helping you embrace your inner Awesome Human! 

In each episode, Nataly (and sometimes an Awesome Guest) dives into a topic, shares practical tips and strategies, and answers questions from a live audience. 

Listen on your favorite podcast platform! 

The Awesome Human Hour Live

Register to be in the audience of the AHH Live! The show is live (and lively!) every Wednesday on Zoom and you’re invited — it’s free! 

Awesome Human Day Virtual Experience

February 8, 2022: 1pm PT / 4pm ET

AHDay logoWe’ve all worked so hard to survive this long pandemic and a very difficult time.

Now it’s time for fresh fuel, joy, and inspiration to help us THRIVE!

Join us for a celebration of the humanity, uniqueness, and yes, awesomeness — in ourselves and each other!

Think big dose of positive energy and permission to shift to thriving with brand new content from Nataly and mind-body interactive experiences. Plus awesome prizes, surprises, and Nataly will even live-paint a mural with audience participation!

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