Join our Self-Compassion Boost!

Give yourself the gift of your own kindness and boost your resilience during the busy holiday season. We begin on December 2nd!

Self-Compassion Boost in a nutshell

I have hand-picked some key concepts and practices to share with you for the busy holiday season. Together we’ll practice:

  • Shifting from harsh to kinder self-talk (my favorite 3-step practice!)
  • How to incorporate self-care during the busy holiday season
  • Using gratitude to reduce self-criticism
  • Overcoming guilt around taking time for you

I’ll also share my self-compassion Daily Anchors -- the little practices I do (almost) every day, as well as some of my favorite books and quotes that have been helpful on my journey to creating a kinder relationship with myself. 

The cost of the Self-Compassion Boost is $49 and here’s the kicker: We’ll do it again in March and you’ll be able to participate absolutely for free! 

It’s always useful to reinforce what you’ve learned and I’m thrilled to offer you two Self-Compassion Boosts (December and March) to help you strengthen your skills of self-compassion and self-care (for the price of one!).

Self-Compassion Boost details

We’ll start on December 2nd and practice together for two weeks to give you a much-needed boost to handle all of the holiday stress and overwhelm.

  • Every Sunday you’ll get an email with a guided journal exercise for reflection
  • On Mondays at 4pm EST we’ll do a live Zoom call where I’ll introduce several practices for you to focus on in the coming week (and share the research behind each one)
  • After the Zoom call, you’ll get an email with a summary of the practices and link to the recording
  • I’ll send you short and sweet emails several times throughout the week to help you stay on track with your practices
  • On Fridays we’ll do a live Zoom call, where I’ll be answering your questions
  • We’ll have a dedicated private Facebook group where every day I’ll share how I’m practicing my Daily Anchors and ask you to do the same -- accountability works!
  • You’ll be able to email me throughout the Self-Compassion Boost, of course!

Questions? Just email us at!