A Year of No-Guilt Self-Care! ~with Nataly Kogan

Give yourself the gift of self-care!

You can’t give what you don’t have. ~Nataly Kogan

You do so much for everyone else. It’s time to make your self-care a non-negotiable priority! 

Nataly in art room couchA Year of No-Guilt Self-Care!

  • A series of unique virtual self-care experiences, learning new things, and connection
  • A commitment to yourself and your well-being for 2021
  • A source of fuel and inspiration!

Bust through the guilt, commit to your self-care, and fuel your emotional, mental, and physical energy and capacity to be awesome throughout the year. 

All with a bunch of kick-ass, awesome humans!

A few quick words from Nataly about A Year of No-Guilt Self-Care

Here's what your Year of No-Guilt Self-Care includes:

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  • 4 Unique self-care experiences with Nataly and special guests to recharge your heart, mind, and body — every 3 months, starting January 24th (on Zoom, always recorded for you)

  • Monthly video pep-talks in between, to strengthen your self-compassion, help you bust through self-doubt, and feel inspired and encouraged! (plus art-infused reminders and other surprises!)

  • Connection with other awesome humans during each experience (including your friends if they join!)

What are these Awesome Self-Care Experiences?

Think of being invited to Nataly’s house four times in 2021 to fuel you and your self-care (virtually, of course, starting at the end of January)!

  • Nataly sunroom with paintingsEach experience will be unique and fun — nothing boring, ever! Creativity, fueling self-care and self-kindness rituals, cooking, aromatherapy, Qi Gong and stress relief, reflection exercises, and more!
  • Nataly will share her favorite practices to boost your self-compassion, find freedom from guilt, and fuel your energy
  • Feel inspired and encouraged by other awesome humans taking part in No-Guilt Self-Care
  • Zero pressure! You can always join in or just relax, grab your favorite beverage, and watch (we promise it will be awesome either way)
  • Join live or watch the recording, all experiences are Eastern Time:
  1. Sunday, January 24th, 2:00-4:00pm
  2. Thursday, April 22nd, 4:30-6:00pm
  3. Sunday, July 18th 4:00-5:30pm
  4. Thursday, October 21st, 4:30-6:00pm

This is for you if you are someone who...

nataly strong woman tshirt… wants to fuel themselves throughout 2021

… is craving an energy boost and a break from routine and monotony

… wants to finally bust through guilt around taking time for self-care 

… needs and wants more time and connection with friends, colleagues, and other kickass people!

Sign up for a Year of No-Guilt Self-Care!

$295 for the full year

Here's a reminder of what it includes:

  • 4 unique, live virtual self-care experiences to elevate, learn new things, and inspire you (always recorded, in case you miss one)
  • Monthly video pep-talks, art-infused reminders, and surprises from Nataly
  • A chance to connect with other amazing people (and friends who join!)

Give the gift of self-care to a friend, colleague, or your team!

Here's a super-sweet deal and extra incentive:

Buy 2 and each one is just $205! (30% savings)

*If you want to give this gift to more than 2 people — your team, colleagues, friends, or family members — please email us at team@happier.com for special pricing!*

More about Nataly

Nataly Kogan is one of the leading global experts in optimizing your emotional fitness and elevating your leadership. She’s the creator of the Happier Method™, founder and CEO of Happier, and author of Happier Now.

Direct, inspiring, and refreshingly funny, Nataly busts through established myths around emotional health (don't dare say "soft skill" to her face!) and activates people to embrace emotional fitness as a non-negotiable skill they must practice to optimize their capacity to thrive.

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After a successful career as a venture capital investor and tech executive at companies like McKinsey and Microsoft, Nataly gave it all up to create Happier, with the mission to help millions of people thrive in work and life by improving their emotional health with science-backed skills and practices.

Today, tens of thousands of people strengthen their well-being and Elevated Leadership skills through Happier @ Work programs, online courses, and other learning tools.

Nataly is a highly sought-after international keynote and TEDx speaker, and has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

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Frequently asked questions

  • When does the Year of No-Guilt Self-Care start?

    Your Year of No-Guilt Self-Care begins in January 2021 with your first message and a pep-talk from Nataly!

    The first virtual experience with Nataly will take place on Sunday afternoon, January 24th from 2:00-4:00pm Eastern Time,  via Zoom, (and if you miss one, we’ll always send the recording afterward!).

  • When will the experiences with Nataly take place?

    After the kick-off experience on January 24th, the other awesome experiences will take place every 3 months. We’ll schedule them well in advance and vary the day and time (outside of working hours Eastern Time)  so that you can fit them into your schedule. (And we will always send you a recording!)

  • How will I participate in these experiences?

    The experiences will take place on Zoom where you'll watch, join along with what Nataly and her guests are up to, and connect with other participants (or your friends and colleagues if they join!)

  • What if I can't attend one of the experiences?

    No worries -- we'll record each experience and send you a link to watch it right after the session!

  • You mention art - what if I don't have any prior experience?

    You don't need ANY art experience to get a lot out of the creative fun Nataly will be sharing. And if you don't feel like joining along, you can simply relax and watch!

  • I want to buy this program for 2 of my friends - do you have a discount?

    To register for more than 2 people, please email us at team@happier.com for special pricing!

  • I want to buy this program for my team - what do I do?

    Just send us an email at team@happier.com for special team pricing -- it's a great gift and wonderful support for your team!

  • What if I have more questions?

    No problem! Send an email to team@happier.com and we’ll answer them as quickly as possible.

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