Happier @ Work at SAP Concur!

This is your one-stop for Happier @ Work tools and resources to help you practice your Happier Skills so you can feel and be your best in work and life!

Emotional Health During Challenge and Uncertainty

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To help everyone at SAP Concur get through this challenging time, we've partnered with the People Connection Team to share with you science-backed skills and practices to better manage stress, increase resilience, and be at your best in this temporary normal. 

Download a printable PDF: 

Emotional Health During Challenge and Uncertainty Practices
Emotional Health During Challenge and Uncertainty Practices - for Leaders

Happier @ Work at SAP Concur!

In 2019 we introduced the science-backed Happier Method™ at connectX (video links below) and simple practices that help you feel and be your best. We focused on the Happier Skills of Gratitude and Self-care:

  • GRATITUDE: Making an active choice to notice the small, positive moments in everyday life–even when times are challenging–and sharing your appreciation for other people with them. 
  • SELF-CARE: Actively nurturing a kinder friendship with yourself by practicing self-compassion, learning how to rest and renew, and finding ways to fuel your mind, body, and soul.

Practice your Happier Skills!

Remember, the key to strengthening your Happier Skills is regular practice. The custom practices you learned from Nataly Kogan in the company-wide keynote, manager keynote, and employee virtual training sessions are here: (click to download)

SAP Concur - Happier Skills practices

SAP Concur - Happier Skills practices for leaders

More tools and resources to help you practice

This page is filled with additional tools, resources, and an online course to help you strengthen your skills, build on what’s working, and try new skills and practices, including:

  • HAPPIER @ WORK KIT downloadable tools and resources for everyday practice
  • 21-DAY HAPPIER CHALLENGE digital course for all SAP Concur employees

Just scroll down to view and download!

Any questions? Email concurpeopleconnection@sap.com

Your Happier @ Work Kit Download Zone

These practical tools and resources are to here to support and encourage you to practice, try out new skills, and help you integrate practices into your work routines and relationships with colleagues. 

21-Day Happier Challenge

This 21-day digital course is a fun, easy way to try new practices and strengthen your Happier Skills for work and life. You'll learn practical ways to feel less stress and more joy in everyday moments -- and be encouraged to make your emotional health a priority on a daily basis. (And you can take this course as many times as you like!)

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The course includes:

  • 21 short, actionable videos
  • A simple daily practice backed by science
  • Daily downloadable PDFs to help you integrate the daily practice into your routine

We also created this downloadable checklist to help you track your progress and pick which practices you want to incorporate into your lifestyle and daily work routine: 21-Day Happier Challenge Checklist

Missed the kick-off video session with Nataly? Watch it here

Register for the 21-day digital course        (Available for no charge for SAP Concur employees as part of the Happier @ Work program!)

Happier Cards and Stickers

These are just some of the fun cards and stickers we created for you -- the ENGAGE Ambassadors have plenty of them to share! You can download the graphics below to send with an email to a colleague, print and post in your work area, copy and paste to a meeting agenda, and more!

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Are you ready to dive in and learn more? See your ENGAGE Ambassador to borrow a copy of the Happier Now or get added to the waiting list.

connectX Happier @ Work Sessions with Nataly Kogan


Companywide Keynote: Unlocking the Strategies to Help You Thrive at Work 

People Manager Keynote: Leadership Practices to Help Your Team Thrive  

Companywide Learning Session: Build Your Happier Skills 

Nataly's Happier Morning Practice

We're excited to share with you this exclusive sneak peak into how Nataly incorporates Happier Skills practices into her morning routine. 

Watch Nataly's TEDx Talk

How a Russian refugee in the U.S. climbed to the top of the corporate ladder, burned out, and changed her life by founding Happier.

The Happier Method™

Learn more about the 5 Core Happier Skills, why they are important, and the benefits of practicing each by visiting our Happier Method™ page.