By Mir Kamin

Helping others really does keep you young

A story about a dude who knits -- that’s cool. 

A story about a dude who’s 109 years old -- that’s also cool.

But a story about a 109-year-old dude who knits for penguins? It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

This is the story of Alfred Date, Australia's oldest man. At 109, Date isn't just surviving, he's thriving, due in part to his lifelong hobby... of knitting. And it gets even better: Date spent a good portion of last year knitting sweaters for oil-spill-injured penguins. Really. 

Why is Date's story is going viral now, a year later (and we do mean viral -- the Philip Island Penguin Foundation has had to issue a statement that they don't need any more sweaters)? Maybe there's no expiration date on our love for a story of someone loving what they do and doing it simply because it makes the world a better place.  So next time you’re feeling old or tired or old and tired, remember that doing amazing things with your life is always possible.

Photo Credit: Penguin Foundation

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