By Laura Zigman

Yes, frozen yoga is a thing (and it's called snowga)

We never thought there would come a time when we'd have to qualify doing yoga poses with the word indoor, but apparently, while it was snowing, people starting taking their "practices" out into the freezing cold. The New York Times tells us this crazy new yoga trend is called snowga, and of course we thought it was a joke. So we did a little research on social media and realized, clearly, it's not.

Don't believe us? This is what Twitter looks like on #snowga:

1. Yes, snowga is a thing.



2. More bra-ga than snowga.


3. Those Weather Channel dudes sure do love winter! (First it was "thundersnow." Now this.)


4. Sure, you can bury your head in the sand. Or you can bury it in the snow. By doing a snowga-stand.


5. "Oh, why, why, why am I doing snowga?"


6. A snow-crow pose comes in handy when you lose your contacts. Outside. Doing snowga.


7. "Wait! you forgot your lunch! (I'd bring it to you but I can't! Because I'm doing snowga!)"


8. "I've fallen and I'm too cold to get up! Because I'm doing snowga!"


9. Again with the bra-ga!

10. Doin' dad-snowga like a boss.

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