By Kimberly Mikesh

Leftovers are the new lunch

Tags Home & Food


Packing your lunch might be simplest way to save a ton of cash and eat healthier. And scratch those visions of eating the same boring sandwich every day, because there’s a whole new way of solving the problem of what to bring for lunch:

Make more dinner.

It’s that simple. Make enough for dinner so that you can pack up the leftovers and bring them for lunch the next day.

If you’re not normally a fan of leftovers, try making hearty soups or salads; they often taste better the next day, anyway.

Sure, you’ll be the goody-goody envy of all of your coworkers, what with your nutritious, money-saving, killer lunch cuisine. But once they start bringing their amazing lunches in, too, they’ll try to take credit for starting the leftover-dinner-for-lunch-club.

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