By Laura Zigman

The easiest iced way on earth to make iced coffee

If you're like us, you're ready for an iced coffee right about now. Which is to say: any time of day is Iced Coffee O'Clock.  But for all the years we've been drinking iced coffee, we've never come up such an elegant solution to such a potentially messy drink-making process as Buzzfeed's latest. Pouring hot coffee over ice cubes and drinking a week luke-warm mess is how we remember our parents making it back in the day, which is probably why we're wasting all our money at Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts in search of the perfect tall, dark, and frosty iced brew.

We've pulled out the key moments in "One Easy Iced Coffee Trick You Need In Your Life" because we think being able to make a perfect iced coffee should be on the short-list of life skills everyone must master (including making a perfect omelette, grilling a steak, and carving a turkey)....

1. Make coffee ice cubes with a pot of homemade coffee.

Pro-tip: Brew the coffee extra strong and no drinking any of the coffee hot (the more you drink now, the less you'll have later.)

how to make iced coffee

2. Put the ice cube tray in the freezer.

Pro-tip: Clear out your freezer so you can ogle your ice cube tray without visual interference.

how to make iced coffee

3. Once frozen, take the tray out and "free" your coffee cubes with a gentle twist.

Pro-tip: Like most things in life, it's all in the wrist.

how to make iced coffee


4. Put as many coffee cubes in a tall glass as you can.

Pro-tip: The more coffee cubes in your glass, the better(er) your iced coffee will be.

how to make iced coffee


5. Pour milk in the glass, over the coffee ice cubes.

Pro-tip: Do this part really fast so you don't die of waiting-too-long-for-iced-coffee.

how to make iced coffee

6. Stick a straw in it.

Pro-tip: Start stirring immediately (op. cit.: dying of waiting-too-long-for-iced-coffee).

how to make iced coffee

7. Start drinking.

Pro-tip: Slurp with abandon.

how to make iced coffee



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